10 Actions of People who are “Good” in Travel – Planning Korea Trip

10 Actions of People who are “Good” in Travel – Planning Korea Trip

10 Actions of People who are "Good" in Travel - Planning Korea Trip

You can not say that you are good at traveling just because you like to travel and do a lot. There are a few things you need to have in order to be a ‘good traveler’. Below are the actions, how many things you are you doing?

1. Do not hang on to things you can not control

Aircraft delays, disappointing hostel status. And there are other things that can not be controlled. Put down all your obsession or stress and let it go as far as possible. If you go to the wrong restaurant or you find something wrong with your order, enjoy the different situation. Maybe you will have the best menu to be new in the guidebook!


2. Know a few words in the local language

Just by memorizing a few words, your trip is more comfortable and fun. If it is difficult to travel, let ‘s find out’ Hello ‘and’ Thank you ‘. This is a sign of respect for the locals we encounter during our trips.

3. Have a useful apps on your smartphone

Apps that are useful for travel are not a couple of things from Noted to Google Translator, which collect travel information such as restaurants. Let’s take a good look at what you need and think ahead of time.

Some suggested apps for traveling Korea

  • Seoul Pass : The Seoul Travel PASS is a sightseeing city passes to help foreigner travelers save time, save money and save energy.
  • i Tour Seoul Mobile App Guide : i Tour Seoul is essential for traveling in Seoul and features great information.
  • Visit Korea App: Korea’s leading travel app developed by Korea tourism organization.
  • KakaoTalk Messenger : The most popular mobile instant messaging application in Korea.
  • Subway Korea : Subway Korea, the most beloved subway map application of all time. (for iphone)
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Download Free Maps and guide books of Seoul (Click to download)

10 Actions of People who are "Good" in Travel - Planning Korea Trip

4. Carries essential emergency first aid items and emergency pills

It would be necessary to have a finger band. A disinfectant or gauze is a must if you are not on a trip to a city where you can get supplies. Let’s pack it up so that you do not regret the painkillers.

10 Actions of People who are "Good" in Travel - Planning Korea Trip
Too much?

5. Do not hesitate to ask for directions

In addition to being able to find the way more easily, you can even experience a mixture of words with locals.

10 Actions of People who are "Good" in Travel - Planning Korea Trip

6. Carry a bottle of beverages

It is not necessary to save the cost if you fill it with water or drink at the hotel, and to find a convenience store when you go horses. If you have a water bottle with a filter, it is better to have water to drink from anywhere.

10 Actions of People who are "Good" in Travel - Planning Korea Trip
Not like this?

7. Plan well, but do not follow 100% of the plan

An impromptu trip is also possible because of the plan. Knowing all of the train time, the time of the turnover, and the time the particular shop closes makes it easier to plan and move on the spot.

10 Actions of People who are "Good" in Travel - Planning Korea Trip

8. Communicate with locals

Actively talking with the locals, participating in service, and knowing that you are there is the best way to get to know your travels.

10 Actions of People who are "Good" in Travel - Planning Korea Trip
Welcome, first time in Korea?

9. Pack the bag as lightly as possible

Keep at least the minimum number of items necessary for survival. A light bag makes a light mind!

10 Actions of People who are "Good" in Travel - Planning Korea Trip

10. Respect local customs

Traveling outside your own ‘safe zone’ means acting differently according to new customs. Let’s embrace awkward things like eating barefoot, greeting people unconditionally when they enter the store.

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The Basics of Korean Etiquette


Driven by cutting-edge technologies and trends, Seoul is one of the most fast-paced and high-tech cities in the world. As progressive as Koreans are, many still retain traditional and Confucian values. Korean culture and customs are deeply rooted in family values and respect and obedience toward people regarded as having higher status, rank, or age, including parents, teachers, older siblings, senior co-workers. People who are treated as having “seniority” in return have more responsibilities and obligations to their juniors. In addition to valuing family above anything else, Koreans also place high importance on status and dignity, and every action of an individual is said to reflect back on one’s family, company, and country.

Common Korean Etiquette

While most Koreans will understand that foreigners who commit minor social faux pas do not mean disrespect, following basic Korean etiquette can help you make a better impression and have more positive interactions with locals.
Take your shoes off at the door when entering any residence, temple, or guesthouse.
A short bow—essentially a nod—is the most respectful greeting.
Give and receive any object using both hands.
Tipping is not a Korean custom and is not expected at hotels, taxis, or other establishments. Refusal to accept a tip is not an act of disrespect.

Dining Etiquette

Don’t start your meal until the eldest at the table starts first.
Don’t touch food with your fingers—except when wrapping ssam.
Don’t leave your chopsticks or spoon sticking up from your bowl of rice.
Use a spoon to eat rice.
Place chopsticks and spoon back in their original position at the end of the meal.

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