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The Ten Million Chrysanthemum Festival in Iksan is annually celebrated every year from late October to early November at Iksan Jungang Sports Complex. The festival consists of an outdoor chrysanthemum exhibit, flower attractions, national chrysanthemum artwork contest, cultural performances, food bazaar and many more. Citizens, business, and organizations also put their own chrysanthemum flowers outside to support the festival and to promote Iksan’s image.

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10 Million Chrysanthemum Flower Festival in Iksan City, Korea

When I went to Korea in Autumn Season, I attended the event with my sister’s Korean family. There are a lot of people enjoying the majestic view of the flowers. It is such a very wonderful experience for us, especially for me who really loves flowers.

The event is one of the largest mum festivals in Korea. Beside Iksan, there are more locations which celebrate the event such as the Garden of the Morning Calm, Masan Gagopa, and Hwasun.

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10 Million Chrysanthemum Flower Festival in Iksan City, Korea

Around the area, there is a lot of food stall where you can dine and eat. Also, you can watch a variety of cultural performances in the event. This event is a perfect place for the family to bond and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Since it is my first time in Iksan, I have made a video vlog! Check this out:

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