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10 Things to Know About Black Pink by Billboard

US-based Billboard spotlighted Black Pink with a feature titled “10 Things to Know About Black Pink” on Wednesday.

“Female quartet Black Pink is making big waves in the K-pop scene,” it said. “As they grow more prominent internationally, here are a few facts to know about the revolution that is Black Pink.”

10 Things to Know About Black Pink by Billboard

The following are 10 key points about Black Pink listed by Billboard:

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1. They’re the best charting female Korean act ever
2. They have only nine songs
3. Four members, four flavors
4. Both Jennie and Rose are fluent in English
5. Black Pink is from a “Big 3” K-pop label
6. There’s a sense of duality within the group
7. Blink and fall in love with Black Pink
8. They have their own television show
9. The music video for their latest single “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” contains some social commentary
10. They recently returned with their “Square Up” EP

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The trailblazing four-piece act is gaining attention across the global music scene with its new EP “Square Up.”

Source: The Korea Herald

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