2017 Korean celebrities' hair trend

2017 Korean celebrities' hair trend

1. Hime Cut

Korean celebrities who could not ride in the single-shot trend were desperate with ‘Hime Cut’ which cuts the side head to the length of the chin. What is the ‘Hime (Princess)’ of this year, which is known as the ‘face-annihilation style’, which is perfectly suited to this look? Girls Day Hyeri, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, Go Junhee, GFRIEND Yuju!

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2017 Korean celebrities' hair trend

2. Bob Cut

Now, when you draw a goddess character, you’ll have to think of a pair of long hair instead! Suzy, Han Ye-seul, Son Ye-jin, etc. After their debut, long-haired stars cut their hair and became a ‘goddess of short cut’. Especially in the drama “While You Were Sleeping” Suzy’s short cut style is well known for all the face types and is regarded as the Wannabe style. Recently, Sulli and Krystal have joined the ranks, and the popularity of the short hair is ongoing!

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