2017 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)

MAMA 2017

The ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’ held by CJ E & M, a comprehensive content company, will be held on November 25 (Sat) to December 1 (Fri) in Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong. MAMA going to visit people from all over the world with a new concept called “Coexistence“. Through the one week festival, it becomes one of the best music awards ceremony in Asia, which is one of music, and it becomes a global music festival that the whole world enjoys together.

‘Coexistence’, a new concept of ‘2017 MAMA’, means to promote a global music festival where people of different languages ​​and cultures coexist harmoniously through three venues in Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong.

The released logo also represented the music’s wavelength, filth and harmony, starting at a small starting point. ‘2017 MAMA’, which aims to show the mutual coexistence of various cultures, regional exchanges and music, will make the place of harmony and exchange of music market through the global music awards ceremony together with the population of the world who love music to be.

First, in Vietnam (November 25, Saturday), ‘2017 MAMA Premiere in Vietnam’ will be held. Asian artists such as Thailand and Singapore, who shine this year, will appear as winners and their performances will be ready.

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In addition, Japan (November 29, Wednesday) and Hong Kong (December 1, Friday) will be held with the titles ‘2017 MAMA in Japan’ and ‘2017 MAMA in Hong Kong’. As they expand country, MAMA is making more colorful actors and stage, and will fill the stage with various artists. Particularly in Hong Kong, MAMA will strengthen the ‘2017 MAMA Professional Categories’ (November 30th) as part of our ‘coexistence’ to bring together all artists who are involved in the Asian music industry as well as artists.

Also, ‘2017 MAMA nomination’ will be broadcast from 5 pm on Thursday, 19th October. Kim Il-joong and Park So-hyun are nominated as mc and expected perfect harmony by combining with the stable broadcast of Kim Il-jung and the information of Park Suk-hyun as a famous idol expert Park Suk-hyun.

Unlike last year’s nomination broadcast, a specialist panel will also appear. The lyricist Kim Eana is actively engaged in musical interpretation talks about musical trends, music and arts in the coming year, and will be adding musical talks as well as clever rhetoric to the program. Voting begins at 6:00 pm, just after the broadcast of ‘2017 MAMA nomination’, on the MAMA official homepage.

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The nomination section of ‘2017 MAMA’ was upgraded and the name of the examination section was changed. The existing domestic screening criteria are K-POP, overseas, Asian music, and Best Rap Performance, Best Hip Hop & Urban Music.

Meanwhile, the official sponsor of ‘2017 MAMA’ was decided to be a global open market Qoo10. Ticket sales and various events will be held at the same time on the Qoo10 homepage.

‘MAMA’ is the Asian representative music awards ceremony held by CJ E & M, the No.1 comprehensive content company. It started as ‘Mnet Video Music Award’ in 1999 and has been steadily evolving along with the growth of the Korean music industry. It has been held in Korea for about 10 years and has been transformed into ‘MAMA’ from 2010, it will advance into the global market, starting with Macao, then to Singapore in 2011 and to Hong Kong from 2012 to 2016. It will be the largest music festival enjoyed by people all over the world beyond simple year-end music awards ceremony.


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