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2017 Seoul Kimchi Festival at Seoul Plaza this weekend… 120 tones of kimchi sharing

[kkstarratings]From November 3rd to 5th, Seoul Kimchi Cultural Festival will be held at Seoul Plaza. This year, the Kimchi Cultural Festival will be expanded to two times compared with last year.

Kimchi Sharing is a representative program of Kimchi Cultural Festival and it Continued daily from 2 pm to 5 pm during the event. 4,700 people including autonomous communities, businesses, private organizations, and ordinary citizens gather in Seoul Plaza to immerse a total of 120 tons of Kimchi.
The kimchi made in this day is delivered to the autonomous region and delivered to the needy neighborhood in winter.

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‘Seoul Kimjangan’ was most popular in last year. so this time, it is expanded from one to two stations, allowing more citizens to enjoy the kimchi experience program. There is a program for foreigner as well.


All applications for the Kim Jangjang program from Seoul are closed, but the ‘Kimjang Sharing Experience Zone’ will be held at Seoul Plaza from 2 pm to 4 pm on November 4 ~ 5.

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Kimchi market is opened in Mukyo street, and local specialty kimchi such as Gwangju can be bought directly at a cheaper price than the market price.

In addition to the food truck showing the fusion food using kimchi, there is also a kimchi porterhouse and a cheongchun food court.

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