2018 Korea's new beauty trend, 'Personal Color' analysis

2018 Korea’s new beauty trend, ‘Personal Color’ analysis

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Recently, as interest in personal color has increased in Korea, many cosmetic companies are launching products based on color analysis that matches the four seasons. In the cosmetics industry, they are adopting a simple and identical system that can receive personal color analysis. Cosmetics companies are conducting events to inform customers of personal colors and self-made cosmetics are also appearing.

Personal Color Analysis, which tells you the color that is right for you, was introduced in 1995 by Korea Khemka Color Research Institute in Korea to develop educational materials and contents as well as personal color analysis textbooks and contents.

Personal color analysis is often performed by themselves, so it is necessary to accurately analyze the criteria of body color matching the color tone of the four seasons and then be analyzed. Draping is performed to the chest line using the cloth with the best reflection and the most accurate.

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For non-specialists who are interested in personal color, an analysis can be made by simply dividing the warm base (color with the yellow color base) and the cool base (the color with the blue color base) by using the monochrome clothes without a diagnosis cloth.

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Koren Beauty_Personal color

The personal color analysis is to compare and analyze the colors of skin, eye color, hair color, scalp color, inner color of wrist, which recognizes the color that suits the self, so it compensates the defects with confident and dignified image production, and makes the other person recognize the image by using the matching color. The Personal Color analysis is a system that directs to all living environments such as fashion, beauty, interior, and design by distinguishing matching color from favorite color and presenting necessary color and healing color.

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Koren Beauty_Personal color

Personal color is not only creating an image of an individual but also creating an image of a company or a country. Personal color, which recognizes companies and products for many people with brand colors, has already introduced global brands to brand marketing and color marketing.

Currently, colorists are active in fashion leading countries such as France, Italy, and New York, and they are participating in brand awareness by applying them to products through a personal color analysis system analyzed by experts. Even if the same color is used, the image of the individual looks different depending on which color tone is used. Thus, when the color is used according to the person’s personalities and occupations, a more successful personal color image-making is completed.

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