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Gangnung Coffee Festival

The Gangneung Coffee Festival that began in 2009 is made up of a wide array of programs related to coffee and tons of attractions and is one of Gangneung’s top festivals that many tourists visit every year. The Gangneung Coffee Festival is joined by cafes in business in Gangneung to conduct various events and experiences, and visitors can enjoy the outstanding hand dripped coffee of Gangneung right at the festivals without having to go all the way to the festivals.

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2019 Gangneung Coffee Festival will be started on Oct 3

Especially, KBS Music Bank in Gangneung is planned for October 4 among major events this year, drawing attention from many KPOP fans. The city of Gangneung plans to draw some 20,000 tourists from Asia from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia as well as from home. ‘KBS Music Bank in Gangneung’ will be broadcast live on KBS Music Bank’s special features, and the lineup of the cast is also colorful. You can book KBS Music Bank in Gangneung package on the link below.

KBS Music Bank in Gangneung Ticket

Coffee gained huge popularity in Gangneung as a coffee master known by any coffee enthusiast would know moved here. With cafes, both small and large, and some with their own roasteries gradually grew in number, and thus transforming it into a city of coffee. These cafes slowly transformed Gangneung into a city of coffee and finally the coffee festival as organized.

The Gangneung Coffee Festival has various experience programs for men and women of all ages to enjoy. Visitors can become a barista for the day through coffee roistering and coffee extraction experiences. There are also programs for children such as making coffee owls, which is also an environmental campaign, or coffee craftwork.

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The Gangneung Coffee Festival not only offers coffee but also food for the entire family to enjoy. Visitors can choose from a wide range of fusion foods and specialties of Gangneung sold by food trucks. There is also a coffee seminar to gain knowledge about coffee as well as various barista contents to offer great opportunities to compete for participants and a unique attraction for tourists.

The Gangneung Coffee Festival also invites world-famous coffee cities so that anyone can enjoy coffee from different countries around the world. In the deepening autumn, a fall festival of Gangneung filled with the aroma of coffee. Visit the Gangneung Coffee Festival to enjoy a cup of coffee and heal your mind and body.

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