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2019 Korea Hanbok Model contest

The organizing committee of 2019 Korea hanbok model contest announced that it had conducted an overseas photo shoot in Paris, France, which is the center of global fashion, for the winners of the 2018Korea hanbok model contest in Korea.

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2019 Korea Hanbok Model contest

The Korea’s largest hanbok model contest, which will be held only in foreign countries, offers a full range of benefits, including overseas competition expenses, airfare, staff and vehicle support, and the world’s largest international diplomatic event, the world’s largest international competition, as well as the world’s largest diplomatic event and MC’s participation, which were also part of the benefits.

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2019 Korea Hanbok Model contest

Photographer Kim Sang-gu, who was in charge of photo shoots, showed outstanding picture quality through photojournalists, including actors Hong Soo-ah, Ji Hyun-woo, Lee Min-ho, singers Psy, and Park Hye-kyung, and received great reviews from experienced French local photography steps and models.

2019 Korea Hanbok Model contest

Lee Su-wan (2018 Winner), Jang Se-Kyung (2018 Second runner-up) and Chung Jung-eun (2018 Third runner-up) participated in the filming of the overseas pictures and showed an elegant beauty. Winner Lee Su-wan said, “It was a great honor to have the best performance in the beautiful background of Paris, France, to leave a picture that will never be forgotten in life.”

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2019 Korea Hanbok Model contest

In addition to the highest prize money among the Korea hanbok model contests, the winner of the Korean hanbok model selection competition provides various upgraded benefits such as overseas photo shoot, international stage lighthouse, and overseas fashion show.

2019 Korea Hanbok Model contest

Starting from March 2nd to May 11th, the domestic schedule of the Korea hanbok model contest will be held at 13 regions nationwide, including Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Incheon, Gwangju, Daejeon, Jeonju, Ulsan, and Chuncheon, and the long-awaited finals will be held at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul on June 29 and will be held in Paris or New York in August.

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