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Voting in the fan and star section of “THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS” (TMA) where fans and artists communicate in one place will begin.

The “TMA” organizing committee said on December 23 that it will begin voting in the first round of the FAN N STAR super-celebrity award, the individual category and the special award category at noon. The voting method is an asterisk that was obtained through the mission performance (visiting check, reading articles, sharing postings, etc.) within the FAN N STAR.

2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS Voting has begun

Nominees for the Choice Awards’ were Super Junior, BTS, Kang Daniel, Lee Jin-hyuk, Kim Jae-joong, Samuel and Hwang Chi-yeol. Super Junior is the “Representative KPOP idol,” which has been loved domestically and internationally for more than 14 years since its debut in 2005. They were among the top singers in the Singer category, receiving continued attention and love from FAN N STAR users.

BTS, “Global Top Idol,” which ranked at the top after Super Junior, is drawing attention from fans around the world for its outstanding music skills such as singing, dancing and producing. In particular, their music worldview has become a unique group, having a positive impact on ARMY (the official name of Bangtan Boys’ official fan club).

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2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS Voting has begun

Kang Daniel was also nominated for the Choice Award. He topped the Mnet competition program “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017, drawing special attention for his role as the center of the group Wanna One. Since then, he made his debut as a solo artist in August 2019 and sold 460,000 albums in the first stage, setting a new record for a solo artist.

2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS Voting has begun

The special award is a unique section designed for singers who became popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. Some 30 singers, including H.O.T., Yang Joon-il, Shinhwa, Fin.K.L, SECHSKIES, G.O.D., S.E.S. and Turbo, were nominated.

The nominees for the special awards stand out among the singers who have recently reunited. The groups H.O.T., Shinhwa, Fin.K.L, SECHSKIES, G.O.D. and S.E.S., which drew a stroke in the 90s.

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2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS Voting has begun

In particular, Yang Joon-il is effectively dominating the race, garnering more than 84 percent of the votes as of today. Recently, he appeared on JTBC entertainment program “Two Yoo Project Sugar Man 3” and is being re-illuminated.

The 20 teams selected in the FAN N STAR category will be selected as candidates for the main vote in February, while the top three teams will have the privileges of advertising for the Hongdae Multivision, the Hongdae AM board and the Hapjeong CM board. In addition, the top prize winner will be awarded the trophy at the TMA Main Awards.

FAN N STAR is an online KPOP idol chart service that releases singer rankings and personal rankings to reflect 100 percent of fans’ votes every week, and is an idol-wide global platform that runs crowdfunding for idol birthday celebrations.

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