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2021 Korea Cherry Blossom expected two to nine days earlier than usual

This year’s Korea cherry blossom season will be two to nine days faster than usual across the country. In most areas, cherry blossoms will begin to bloom three to eight days earlier than usual, and in some parts of North Gyeongsang Province, cherry blossoms will bloom 9 to 10 days earlier than usual.

2021 Korea cherry blossom season

2021 South Korea Cheery Blossom forcast

Compared to last year, the southern part of the country will be three to four days later than last year, and the central part of the country will begin to bloom three to five days later than last year.

Cherry blossoms are expected to bloom from March 24 to March 27 in Jeju and southern regions, from March 29 to April 4 in central regions, and from northern Gyeonggi Province, northern Gangwon Province, and mountainous regions after April 5.

Considering that the peak period of cherry blossoms takes about a week to reach full bloom, it is expected to be March 31st in Seogwipo, March 31st to April 3rd in the southern part of the country, and April 5th to 11th in the central part of the country.

cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms in Seoul are expected to bloom on April 1 and peak around April 8.

The blooming of cherry blossoms is largely affected by changes in temperature in March, so it may be different from the expected blooming time.

The blooming date of cherry blossoms refers to when more than three of the cherry trees are fully bloomed in the case of standard trees. In the case of a colony, it means when more than three flowers bloomed in one tree from one to seven trees representing the colony.

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The flowering period is most affected by changes in temperature in February and March, and the amount of sunlight and precipitation during this period also affects the flowering period. Therefore, some differences may arise from the expected date of flowering due to changes in the weather just before flowering.

On average, cherry blossoms peak about seven days after the blooming date and bloom about two days later on average as the altitude increases by 100 meters at the same latitude.

The standards for expected blooming were for each weather station standard item of the Korea Meteorological Administration, and even in the same area, the timing of blooming may vary depending on the variety, age, growth status, and environmental conditions.

Seokchon Lake

Cherry Blossom Spots in Seoul

Seoul is a cherry blossom destination that is loved by not only domestic but also overseas travelers. When the flowers bloom, it looks like a lively city. The palaces, as well as the forests, mountains, and lakes, create beautiful scenery in the background.

It is the Yeouido spring flower festival that second to none in the travel of the cherry blossom of Seoul. This is because over 1,800 cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. Yeouido Park is spread out in a circle, and 13 kinds of spring flowers such as forsythia, azalea, azalea, and poppy tree are blended together as well as cherry blossoms. In the evening, street performances and exhibitions are held together to heighten the atmosphere of the festival. However, the festival is likely to be canceled due to COVID-19. (The festival was canceled in 2020)

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In addition, Seokchonhosu Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is an event where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in the shining city center. If you want to relax in the city or want to feel the cherry blossom path of Namsan, the traditional atmosphere, you can take a stroll in Samcheong Park and Jeongdok Library.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom Spots in Jinhae

If you travel to Cherry Blossom, you can not miss Jinhae. You will not regret it even if you come from distant places such as Seoul or Gyeonggi-do. The most important places to visit in Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival are Yeojwacheon stream and Gyeonghwa station. Cherry blossoms that bloom like a river and railroad tracks will form a spectacular sight. you can take a picture in front of a cute lighting fixture at Yeojwacheon stream and in front of a red train at Gyeonghwa station. Please enjoy the cherry blossom bread which can be enjoyed only in Jinhae. Also, the 2021 cherry blossom festival is likely to be canceled due to COVID-19. (The festival was canceled in 2020)

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