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4 Best Autumn Trails at Hangang Park in Seoul

Of all the beautiful autumn sceneries throughout Hangang Park, Seoul introduced four trails that are like treasures hidden in the city and waterside courses along the banks of Hangang River that are stained with the touch of autumn.

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4 Best Autumn Trails at Hangang Park in Seoul

Nanji Reed Wind Path to enjoy both romance and camping

A walking course at Nanji Hangang Park is recommended for those who want to enjoy the romance of autumn walks with camping. The Nanji Reed Wind Path is a course along Hangang River that stretches from the Gangbyeon Water Playground to the Wetland where memorable sceneries of natural ecology can be found.

The Nanji Reed Wind Path can also be enjoyed with Nanji Camp. Camping in the cool autumn weather will bring romance under the clear night sky.

To get to the Nanji Reed Wind Path, take Exit 1 of World Cup Stadium Station (Line 6) and go through the Pyeonghwa Park Footbridge and the Hongjecheon Stream Trail (bicycle path) to arrive at Hangang Park.

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4 Best Autumn Trails at Hangang Park in Seoul

Jamwon Trail filled with the fragrance of unique pink muhly grass

The Jamwon Hangang Park Grass Garden that was formed this year presents grass of varied colors and texture to create a unique autumn scene. The brilliant, fully bloomed ‘pink muhly’ that suit the autumn sunlight receives the spotlight as a hot photo zone.

To visit, take Exit 4 of Jamwon Station (Line 3) and cross the Sinjamwon interchange to arrive at Hangang Park.

4 Best Autumn Trails at Hangang Park in Seoul

The colorful Cypress Ttukseom Forest Trail along a cypress forest trail

At the Forest Trail of Ttukseom Hangang Park, visitors can enjoy the open view of Hangang Park together with a forest of cypress trees. The ‘Healing Forest’ that is surrounded by 600 cypress trees offers phytoncide-filled air and a view of the Hangang River. Step out of the Healing Forest and pass the Rose Garden to arrive at ‘Lovers’ Street,’ a path that has barely enough space for two people to walk along at the same time.

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To visit the forest trail, take Exit 2 of Ttukseom Resort Station (Line 7) to pass through Ttukseom Underpass and arrive at Hangang Park.

4 Best Autumn Trails at Hangang Park in Seoul

Jamsil Fish Passage Trail for children to observe the Fish Trail

Walk along the waterside trail that starts near Jamsildaegyo Bridge of Jamsil Hangang Park to discover the Fish Passage Trail of Jamsil Eco Park. This trail is ideal for families to visit with children to observe the Fish Trail.

Along the Fish Passage in the direction upstream are elegant reeds that dance with the wind to create a trail filled with autumn romance. This is a good spot to take photos with streams of water and golden reeds in the background.

To get to the Jamsil Fish Passage Trail, take Exit 4 of Jamsillaru Station (Line 2) and cross the Jamsillaru Station interchange to arrive at Hangang Park.

Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government

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