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Peak fall foliage is upon the peninsula and enjoying the colors should be everyone’s top priority. Here is where you should be headed to see beautiful red, orange, yellow and purple leaves or browning silver grass and autumn blooms. Wherever you choose to go this season, make sure to get outside and take pleasure in the autumn sunsets, breezes and colorful fall views around the city of Seoul. Now is the time!

4 top spots to enjoy peak fall foliage in Seoul

Haneul Park in Sangam-dong

This park that sits atop a hill is popular for its field of silver grass that dances in the autumn breeze. It’s a gorgeous place to visit but it’s just one park in the World Cup Park system. After visiting the silver grass fields, take a walk in Pyeonghwa Park that features yellow and red foliage as well as artistic installations that meld with the natural surroundings. Or, visit Nanji Stream Park, one of the lesser-visited parks in the system. There are trees galore and hidden gardens of fiery red kochia bushes to find as well.

Directions:?Go out exit 1 of World Cup Stadium Station on Line 6. Walk straight to find the main road and then walk west. Walk about 1,000 meters to find the crosswalk to the park.

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4 top spots to enjoy peak fall foliage in Seoul

Deoksugung Palace and Jeongdong-gil Road

Walk along the Deoksugung Palace paths and then head just south to walk along the outer wall where Jeongdong-gil road lies. The road is lined with vibrant yellow gingko trees which will brighten anyone’s day. For an even better view of Deoksu Palace, head down that street to find Jeongdong Observatory on the left and head up to Cafe Darak on the 13th floor. The windows offer views that overlook the grounds of the palace in all its beautiful autumn splendor.

Directions:?Take exit 2 of City Hall Station on lines 1 and 2, and walk straight to find the entrance to the palace and the street just past it.

4 top spots to enjoy peak fall foliage in Seoul

Jamwon Hangang Park

The Han riverside is a great place to spend some time and enjoy the last of the warm sunsets. Have a picnic under the trees at Jamwon Hangang Park. There is also a field of wispy pink muhly. Enjoy one last picnic riverside before winter sets in and take in the colorful leaves and blushing bushes.

Directions: Take exit 6 of Apgujeong Subway Station on Line 3. Walk straight and turn right just after Hyundai High School. Walk straight to find the riverside.

Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest is gorgeous in the autumn and there are various walk paths. Take in the arboretum and then find the deer to feed in the midst of the colorful trees. After having a picnic, head into Seongsu-dong to find all of the newest murals painted during Pow! Wow! Korea. There are a ton to find stretching from the park down to Common Ground.

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Directions: Take exit 3 of Seoul Forest Station on the Bundang Line. Walk straight and turn right at the first street to find the park on either side.

4 top spots to enjoy peak fall foliage in Seoul

Mountain An-san

Getting up into the mountains is always a good idea in the autumn with the clear skies and views for days. Mountain An-san isn’t the tallest, but being a bit less majestic means there is more room on the paths. There’s a waterfall on the northwestern side and the beautiful Bongwon Temple nestled among the trees on the southern side. The paths also lead down to Seodaemun Independence Park on the southeastern side. It’s an easy spot to get up and down with lots to see on the way including meta-sequoia trees and more.

Directions: Take exit 5 of Dongnimmun Station on Line 3. Turn left just after the park and follow the road up to the mountain.

Source: The Korea Times

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