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5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea

As a usual traveller, part of our social culture is we always look for the cheapest prices when we buy or purchase things abroad. Whether in clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, gadgets and food. Even in plane ticket sales, tour package promos, and discounted accommodations.  That’s why I’m going to share with you 5 Five Budget Travel Hacks we did during our 2 days and 1 night stay in Seoul, Korea. Which can help you save money, spend less, but still have the best travelling experience!

Here we go.


5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea 5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea

As you go shopping around Dongdaemun, you have a lot of malls to choose from. The very wise move you must do is to ask the price first and compare it with other stores. Don’t just go buy and buy things. It is good to explore the stores first and know the price difference. So in the end, you will not blame yourself if you find a cheaper price. It’s alright! even though it leads you walking 2-3 hours with your both foot tired, just keep on exploring until you get what you want…

at the right place and at the right price!

4) EAT ONE AT A TIME (Korean Street Foods) 

5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea 5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea 5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea

Instead of treating your stomach in fancy restaurants and overrated buffets, just go to the streets and try Korean dishes and delicacies at its best! My sister and my brother-in-law taught me this strategy. Eat one piece or order of whatever you like and you can taste everything with the most affordable price you can. One per food category! even though one stick of Korean Barbeque is not enough for you to be full if you will order another one noodle, one spicy chicken, one crazy waffle, one fish cake, and one big size drink,  it’s enough for you to taste everything Korean.

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Eat more, spend less.

3) HAVE A GOOD NIGHT IN JJIMJILBANG! (Korean Traditional Spa) 

5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea 5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea

Enough with the fancy hotels, soft pillows, beds and showers. Be like a local! One of the reasons why we travel is to experience their traditions, culture and get along with its citizens. Spend your night in Saunas! although sometimes there are a lot of people especially during holidays but bathing and sleeping in traditional saunas will not just save your money but it will also make your journey fulfilling! You just have to find your area,  take a  bath, eat ramyeon noodles with eggs and have a good night.

It’s also good for our skin though.


5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea 5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea

To avoid getting lost, you must very hands-on about the places you will visit. Search for what route you will going to take as well as the nearest subway exit of your desired destination.  It’s amazing how Korean Subway works, you don’t have to be confused! Download the app and know every detail, it will help a lot not just in terms of directions but it can also save money instead of riding any private vehicles.

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Don’t worry, there are no zombies spotted in the areas.


5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea

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5 Budget Travel HACKS to do in Seoul, Korea

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