5 Good Ski Resorts in near Seoul

5 Top Ski Resorts in near Seoul – Skiing Korea

Night Ski

There are people waiting all year round for winter to come. They are skiers who want to glide in beautiful white snow. We are now entering the full-scale Ski / Snowboard season, and then we would like to go to the ski resort sooner or later. For those who are stuck at work or foreign tourist who is the first time in Seoul, we will introduce the ski resorts in near Seoul that you can easily go skiing resort after work on Friday.

Elysian Ski Resort

Elysian Ski Resort

The Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort, which opened on the 24th of last month(November), has set its goal of the all-season ski resort as a “Daily ski resort to enjoy after work” Accessibility is excellent, so you can go skiing after work (from Seoul area). It is the only ski resort that you can reach it by train among domestic ski resorts in Korea.

In particular, the 2017-18 season is the season for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort is not an Olympic venue but has made extensive use of transportation facilities and facilities for accessing the ski slopes with bold investment for skiers.

Opening Date
November 24, 2017 (17/18 Season)

Operating Hours
Daytime 09:00-17:00
Evening 18:30-23:30
Nighttime 21:30-03:00
Early morning 23:30-03:00
(Open until 05:00 on Fridays, weekends & day before a public holiday)
Snow grooming hours 17:00-18:30

Konjiam Ski

Konjiam Resort

Konjiam Resort, located in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, has a great advantage in that it takes 40 minutes from Seoul and the first rope gardening and lift ticket online booking in Korea. A customer care service that restricts the number of passengers on the same time zone to less than 7,000 guarantees that skiers will enjoy their leisure time. Standby time was shortened to around 15 minutes and skiers could enjoy skiing without being crowded or dangerous.

Most of all, it is convenient to show the ME-TIME Pass, a time-limited lift that allows skiers to choose the time zone they want at any time during the ski season. It takes customers by the phrase “cheaper when it is cheaper” because you can ride in the desired time zone with a 3-hour US time pass.

Opening Date
November 30, 2017 (’17/’18 Season)

Operating Hours
Monday-Friday 09:00-04:00 (next day)
Saturday-Sunday & Public Holidays 07:00-04:00 (next day)
Snow grooming hours 18:00-19:00

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Jisan forest Ski resort

Jisan Forest Ski Resort

Jisan Forest Resort in Icheon(not Incheon) City is also 40 minutes away from Seoul. It is also known as the Jisan Rock Festival. You can enjoy late-night skiing and boarding at an affordable nightly lift rate. The height of the lift is considerable and it is famous for its thrill. They added Escalade to the beginner slope to reduce lift waiting time. This season we run ski slopes and ski/board school programs.

Furthermore, Icheon ceramics complex is a mere 15 minutes away, offering a variety of sights to see and ceramicware experience programs to enjoy. Everland Amusement park and a hot springs complex are also located very close by.

Opening Date
November 24, 2017 (’17/’18 Season)

Operating Hours
Morning Pass 09:00-13:00
Afternoon Pass 12:30-17:00
Night Pass 18:30-23:00
Midnight Pass 24:00-04:00

Bears Town Ski Resort

Bears Town Ski Resort

The ski resort Bears Town is famous for its mid-slope Big Bear. Beginners course Little Bear is also popular. There is a rest area on the slope so that you can relax while you are skiing. Bears Town Resort is a large leisure complex that lies on the outskirts of Seoul. The ski slopes of this large leisure resort have been officially approved by the International Ski Federation.

Opening Date
November 24, 2017 (‘17/’18 Season)

Operating Hours
Morning 09:00-13:00
Afternoon 12:00-17:00
Evening 18:30-24:00
Early Morning 24:00-04:00 (available Fridays, Saturdays, the day before public holidays)
* Snow grooming hours 17:00-18:30

Yanji Pine Ski vally resort

Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley

Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, is known for its skiing package. It was opened in December of 1982 and boasts a long history. We introduced the automatic snow removal system for the first time in Korea, and even if it is not interested in skiing, we can enjoy various facilities such as game room, bowling alley, billiards room.

Above all, snow parks are also popular, with interesting attractions for visitors. There is a unique tiered structure in Korea and a variety of difficulty items that anyone can enjoy, from beginner to advanced level. From beginner to funny, fun to enjoy, a rainbow-like rainbow box for refinement.

Opening Date
December 2, 2016 for season ’16 / ’17

Operating Hours
Morning 09:00-13:00 (Weekends & Holidays: open from 08:30)
Afternoon 13:00-17:00
Evening A Zone 18:30-23:00 (Yellow: operates until 24:00)
Evening B Zone 19:00-24:00
Nighttime A Zone 22:00-02:00 (except for Blue)
Nighttime B Zone: not operated
* A Zone: Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Sun-kid
* B Zone: Avec, Challenge

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* Snow grooming hours
A zone 17:00-18:30
B zone 17:00-19:00

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