5 Scenes of Halloween Day in Korea

Halloween Day (October 31) is just around the corner. Halloween Day was originated in the European Celtic tradition of decorating itself with ghosts on the last day of the year, worrying that gods might be harmed when sacrificing to God.

In the United States, ghost-like children have turned to town for candy, and adults have become an annual event to party with their own. In Korea, Halloween Day settled down as a play culture of young people. We looked at various events to be held in various forms.

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5 Scenes of Halloween Day in Korea

1. Zombie Run Halloween Festival

Zombie Run Halloween Festival is popular with young people who want to enjoy Halloween. This year’s event was held at the Let’s Run Park in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do on October 28th. It is important to survive a certain distance from two zombies, a moving monster of a body type. Participants should perform the given task during the 3km run and use the three “survival strips” given to them early in the race. An official of the event said, “Since the party continues after the event, people who want to have a different Halloween look for ‘zombie run’.”

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5 Scenes of Halloween Day in Korea

2. Asan Pinnacle Land Treasure Hunter

‘Asan Pinnacle Land Treasure Hunter’ is also a curiosity treasure hunt for active young people. It was held on October 27 at 6 pm in Pinnacle Land, an outdoor theme botanical garden in Asan, South Chungcheong Province. More than 70 event organizers have disguised themselves as ghosts and have to find the treasure chest first with clues installed in 10,000 parks to avoid their interference. The first team receives 1 gold coin per person. Participants should find the treasure chest quickly using the flashlight and watch given in the dark themed botanical garden. From 9pm onwards, performers of hip-hop singers such as Nervous, Kisum and Ortei was also performed.

5 Scenes of Halloween Day in Korea

3. Midnight Halloween Party: Monster City 2017

 The event will be held from 27th to 29th of this year, during which the pre-event was held at the ‘Common Ground’ in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul from 13th to 26th. During the ceremony, people could find a ‘mummy dress room’ that will be used as a ghost, a ‘Pumpkin Food Market’ consisting of various menu items, and ‘Goblin Flip Market’ where you can buy Halloween limited items. Participants can take pictures of their favorite dresses and enjoy delicious food.

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5 Scenes of Halloween Day in Korea

4. Great Korean Beer Festival 2017

The Great Korean Beer Festival 2017, which celebrated its 9th anniversary this year, is filled with a variety of food and drinks. This event, which will take place from 27th to 29th at Yongsan Electronics Mall 1st Public Park in Seoul, was featured handmade beer from 18 different countries and food from other countries. A total of 1,500,000 won was awarded, followed by a Halloween costume contest, musical performances, and a beer talk show.

5 Scenes of Halloween Day in Korea

5. Holy Land of Halloween, Itaewon

If you want to enjoy your costume by dressing up characters in cartoons and movies, it is worth a visit to Itaewon, the sacred site of Halloween. From 27th to 31st of this month, you can meet people in various costumes in front of Hamilton Hotel. During this period, the beer houses and restaurants around here will also welcome guests by changing interior decorations. “During Halloween, Itaewon stores talk about each other or look at posters and conceive Halloween interiors so that they do not overlap,” said Itaewon, who is able to explore various concept stores in one space.”

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