6 Advantages of the First class on the road 'Premium Bus'

6 Advantages of the First class on the road ‘Premium Express Bus’

Premium Express Bus

Now, ‘Express Bus’ can be used as ‘premium’ or we could say ‘First class on the road’

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and the express bus industry implemented the “Premium Express Bus” service on November 25 last year.

‘Premium Express Bus’ offers a variety of services unmatched by ordinary express buses. The price range is higher than that of regular buses and deluxe buses, so the number of users is not so much just yet.

However, people who use ‘Premium Express Bus’ testify that they can not ride a regular express bus anymore.

Let’s check out the list below for the advantages of the ‘Premium Express Bus’.

Premium Express Bus

1. Seats are folded 160 degree

If you take the ‘Premium Express Bus’, you can feel the first-class airplane ride on the road. If you only press the height adjustment button attached to the seat, the seat will open up to 160 degrees.

Unlike ordinary express buses, there is a partition behind the seat, so it does not damage the back seat if it is unfolded to the end.

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It is a typical advantage of the ‘Premium Express Bus’ that it is easy to lie on a boring high-speed bus and reach the destination.

2. Free Offerings

Users of ‘Premium Express Bus’ will receive earphones, 500ml bottled water, slippers and lids for free. This allows users to travel to their destinations more comfortably and comfortably.

In addition, the earphone is suitable for watching the various images provided on the screen in the bus and to fill in the time.

Premium Express Bus

3. Fresh air

If you are using a regular express bus, you will often feel uncomfortable due to the lukewarm air. However, if you use the ‘Premium Express Bus’, you do not have to worry about air.

The ‘Premium Express Bus’ is equipped with an air purifier and an active ventilation system that automatically discharges carbon dioxide. This allows users to get to the destination with fresh air.

Premium Express Bus

4. Emergency toilets call button
※ Korean commercial buses do not have toilet facilities inside.

It could be very uncomfortable and embarrassing situations suddenly when a toilet rushes on a normal express bus. It is also embarrassing to tell the driver who is driving hard to stop at the rest stop because the toilet is urgent.

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The ‘Premium Express Bus’ has an emergency call button that allows you to call the signal to stop the nearest rest area when you have a toilet or an urgent business.

Premium Express Bus

5. Watch the TV show

The ‘Premium Express Bus’ has a 10.2-inch personal screen just like an airplane. The front-mounted screen on the front seat is perfect for the boredom of long-distance passengers.

Guests can watch movies or listen to music and radio as well as the channels they want on the screen. In particular, the screen-mounted mirroring feature allows passengers to watch videos on their smartphones.

6. High-speed Free WiFi

On a normal express bus, you can not use your smartphone comfortably because of worries about data usage. But the premium express bus does not need to worry about data because it is equipped with high-speed free WiFi. You can also use your laptop with Wi-Fi.

Thanks to the busy modern people on the ‘Premium Express Bus’ was able to see the job was pushed.

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