A pleasant season premiere "I Can See Your Voice Season 5"

A pleasant season premiere “I Can See Your Voice Season 5”

Mnet ‘I Can See Your Voice’, which returned to its 5th season, proved to be world-renowned and offered even more fun and excitement.

Mnet and tvN broadcast the first episode of ‘I Can See Your Voice Season 5’. The broadcast was featured in a global special guests featured by six foreign mystery singers and an invitation singer KPOP boy band Block B.

A pleasant season premiere "I Can See Your Voice Season 5"

The mystery singers were composed of the popular global “I Can See Your Voice” participants. Malaysian barista who is having the highest viewer ratings in Malaysia as number 1 from Malaysia ‘I Can See Your Voice’, 2nd Philippines ‘I Can See Your Voice’, Queen of the invited singers, Bulgarian Hwang Chi-yeul debuting through ‘I Can See Your Voice’, misfortune trainee miss ‘S’ from Thailand, Korean Indonesian John Lee from Indonesia, and “I Can See Your Voice” winner from Romania.

‘I Can See Your Voice’ was named after the nominations for the International Emmy Awards in 2016. They are exported to eight countries including China, Romania, Bulgaria, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia. It was able to vividly convey the influence of ‘I Can See Your Voice’. ‘I Can See Your Voice’ provided fun and excitement with differentiated strengths.

The first talented singer, Bulgarian Hwang Chi-yeul showed a smile and talked about his dream of becoming a singer thanks to “I can see your voice”. Malaysian barista who revealed to be 2nd true talent confessed that he was a fan of MC Kim Jong Kook and attracted attention. Kim Jong Kook proposed “I hope I could sing together in Malaysia if I have a chance.”

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The main protagonist of the biggest reversal and impressions of the broadcasting was the Philippine event queen. She was selected as 3rd tone-deaf, but she was a talent. It alternated between a low tone of husky and a clear tone that amazed everyone. ‘Philippine Event Queen’ Sephy Francisco was the transgender who was responsible for the family’s livelihood. She works as a call center counselor during the day, sing songs in the evening and earn money. Lovecall rushes after appearing on ‘I Can See Your Voice’. The Philippine Event Queen has made people’s minds come true through their dreams of “I Can See Your Voice” and telling their families that they are uplifting.

Invitation singer Block B, succeeded in finding out talent. Number 4 “Thai Trainee Miss S”, which they pointed out, was actually a talented practitioner who dreams of becoming a singer and dreams of K-Pop. Members and ‘Thai Empty Trainee’ made a pleasant stage together with ‘HER’ by Block B. She said “It was a dream since I was young to come to Korea. I prayed that I should be able to go.”

It was not just talented singers that opened the second chance of life with ‘I Can See Your Voice’. Number 5, ‘Korean Indonesian’ turned out to be tone-deaf, but he was thankful that he became a model for local fast food restaurant after appearing in the local ‘I Can See Your Voice’ and became a popular star. Nr. 6 ‘Romania I Can See Your Voice Winner’ was also tone-deaf. She came to Korea with her fiancee, promising marriage and preaching happy energy.

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The global special that shaped the beginning of ‘I Can See Your Voice 5’ was a clever move that not only informed the popularity of the program abroad but also caught up with both fun and excitement. According to Nielsen Korea, the “I Can See Your Voice” was recorded on January 27 as a result of Mnet and TVN ratings combined, with an average audience rating of 3.6% and the highest audience rating of 5.7%. It started off pleasantly with a figure higher than 3.2% (11 times), which was the highest audience rating of the previous season.

A pleasant season premiere "I Can See Your Voice Season 5"“I Can See Your Voice – Season 5” foreign participants enjoying Seoul city tour

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A pleasant season premiere "I Can See Your Voice Season 5"

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