Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks

What if it could be a once in a year or a once in a lifetime moment? Travel could be one of the tops on that list. The start of this trip is to get on the plane from the airport to your destination safely and comfortably.

Everything is the same, but starting with travel is a very important part. You should have arrived at your destination and your conditions should be perfect, so you can do whatever you want to do and everything as you planned.

So today we would like to offer you a travel hacks about aircraft and airport.

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks
1. Selecting the Royal Seating on a Plane

You booked the aircraft I wanted !! Then you should book your seats. Before you pre-select your seats, where do you find the restrooms and entrances, what is the spacing between the seats, and where do you want to find the best seats on my aircraft and make reservations?

If so, you can check it through the site ‘Seat Guru’ (, which provides information on domestic / international flight seats. Seat Guru is a site that helps guide the arrangement of airplane facilities such as restrooms, entrance and other seats by airline type, size of seats and recommended seats.

You can see at a glance the spacing and width of seats, recommended seats and non-recommended seats.

How to use sheet guru
1. Access
2. Enter the flight information in the “Find the seat map for your flight” window on the right side of the screen
3. Check the seat information of the reserved airplane.
4. You can check your seat layout, seat spacing, seat photos, etc., and you can check the reasons for recommended seats and non-recommended seats.

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks

Use of airport tip

If you know a good seat through a sheet guru, you will have to earn the seat you want. First, you can get a seat on each airline’s homepage or use one of the good seats available at check-in. (However, some conditions are required to use the emergency exit seat !!)

There is another way to do it yourself. It is a way to use ‘early check-in’. If you do not want to queue in the check-in process and want to get your seat in advance, check in early check-in provided at Korea International Airport (CALT) and Seoul Station City Airport Terminal (AREX).

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It is possible to arrange an aircraft seat early in the morning by providing check-in service 3 hours before boarding the aircraft from the early morning of the day. In other words, if you use an airport in the city, you can get the place you want before you use the existing airport.

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks
2. Having a good sleep on the airplane

If you have a lot of time on the plane, you should get comfortable clothes and sleeping items. Enjoy the gorgeous airport fashion at the entrance, then take off for a while and change into a lightweight casual outfit that does not tighten your body.

In addition, slippers are provided to cool your feet, and you can keep your sleeping helper items such as lids, earplugs and water pillows are make it even perfect. The plane is dry, so for those traveling long distances, a mask pack is also required !! (Your skin is precious.)

In case of LCC Airlines, air conditioner may be hit hard, so preparing your blanket in advance is a good way to get a nap.

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks

Choose juice rather than Alcohol!!

One of the ways people make the wrong choice is to order and drink alcohol. Alcohol is originally unsuitable for sleep because it stimulates the sympathetic nerves and causes thirst to interfere with sleep. It is better to drink fruit juice that is full of vitamin C, which helps blood circulation.

And another way !! It is also a good way to snuggle in the cabin to eat lightly one hour before boarding.

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks

Use WiFi on airplane

You can use portable electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets in a short time. In the meantime, the use of portable electronic devices has been banned for airplane takeoffs, landings and safe navigation, but recently it has become possible to view music and videos when set to ‘airplane mode’.

And now you can use WiFi. Currently, Emirates has invested approximately US $ 20 million (approximately 21.5 billion US $) annually to build free WiFi facilities in line with the increase in demand for in-flight internet, and when boarding this plane, 10 megabytes (MB) of WiFi can be used as free of charge.

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Sooner or later other airlines will offer Wi-Fi in the sky!

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks

Use airplane power outlets!!

As you may already know, most large aircraft have power outlets in their seats. Each airline seat is a little different, but usually it’s under the seat or near the personal monitor.

Do I have a power outlet on my plane? To solve this question, you can check in advance by going to the Seat Guru homepage, which I introduced before. It is kindly informed to the crew on board, and to the staff at the boarding counters.

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks

Special meal order

What is called the supper on the sky is the meal served by the aircraft. But did you know that your special meal is served?

The special meal was originally an inexpensive meal for passengers who could not enjoy regular meals due to reasons such as health, religion, age, etc. However, there is currently a low-calorie diet with limited calories, a fruit salad with fruits only, We offer a fine-grained meal to suit individual tastes.

Anniversary cakes are also available such as honeymoon, birthday, etc., and you can order them 24-48 hours before boarding. However, all airlines do not offer special meals. Also, it is advisable to check ahead of time because there are some limitations or additional costs depending on the type of special meals.

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks

Enjoy airport 100 times

Travel hacks for Using of aircraft to airport;
Now that you know the honey tips of your aircraft, let’s take a quick tour of the airport good tips.

1. If you send your baggage late and send it late, you arrive quickly when you arrive.
2. The Incheon Airport transfer facility has a free shower room on the 4th floor.
3. Manila airport in Philippines, Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport can enjoy a massage to relieve the fatigue of travel.
4. You can use the free city tour bus using the transfer tour program at each airport.

Airplanes and Airport - Korea Travel Hacks

The start of the trip is from aircraft use to airport use!! We introduced various honey tips from A to Z. What if I already knew? We will try to surprise you next time. Korea travel hacks to make your trip more perfect! I hope it will be useful for those who want to leave, those who are leaving, those who have already left.

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