All Koreans are getting one year older on January 1

All Koreans are getting one year older on January 1

On January 1, all Koreans are getting one year older. This sort of calculation is called ‘Korean age to count‘ from birth, we count one year old. But other countries use “international age”. In Korea, if your birthday is not over yet, your Korean age and international age may differ by 2 years.

In everyday life, Korean use our ‘Korean age system’. However, international age is Korea’s official age count system by the civil law

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There are a lot of points that it is inconvenient when communicating overseas. China, Japan, and so on, who used to be the same age as us in the past, are now using international age. The problem has been raised steadily.

On the contrary, there is also a voice of our own culture. Rather, it is convenient to distinguish the age, and there is no reason to change it.

Experts say that although international age is official only by law, but Korean age is still used in society, because of “rejection“. [46.8% should stay at Korean age, 44% should be unified at international age / February 2016 Real meter survey] Opinions were strained in the survey. There was a bit bigger voice to keep Korean age.

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We are getting one year old in 2018. Do you think it would be better to keep Korean age? It seems that ‘age controversy’ is not easy to conclude.

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