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AOA leader Jimin quits band amid K-pop bullying scandal

AOA (Ace of Angels) leader Jimin has quit the act after a K-pop bullying scandal earlier this month, adding credence to the allegation she has been harassing former groupmate Mina.

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FNC Entertainment broke the news late Saturday, saying the main rapper “is leaving the band and quitting her show business activities.” The company apologized to the public “for all those things that are happening regarding our artist Jimin.” The company added it took “full responsibility for this incident” and would “from now on leave no room in managing our artists.”

The abrupt decision came after Mina, who quit the girl band in May 2019 and began an acting career, claimed on her Instagram on July 3 she had to quit because “one of the band members” had consistently bullied her for the past 10 years. Mina said she had even considered suicide.

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The claim began a “who is telling the truth” game over the following days. Jimin called the claim as “fake as a novel” and Mina replied that her claim was “too sinister to call it a novel” and said Jimin was the aggressor. The post showed what appears to be Mina’s left wrist with scars left from multiple wounds. A further social update claimed Jimin had sought out Mina with other AOA members to apologize, with Jimin “crying and begging and crying again” in front of Mina. The leader said she had not gotten to know Mina well and that her care for Mina had been found wanting. But Mina’s latest social post disputed Jimin’s version of the “apology,” implying that Jimin actually never begged and was still being dishonest.

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The alleged bullying victim’s most provocative claim was that Jimin had brought a man to their residence and had sex. Mina said Jimin should “take a moral path before advising me to do so” and warned her, “I will return to you the same look you gave me (when you visited me).” Since their debut in 2012 with the single “Angel’s Story,” the original eight-member band has literally lost half its members, including former leader Cho A. Mina has also hinted that Jimin singled her out even before they debuted. One social comment about the falling out reads, “Doesn’t A stand for an angel? Change it to D for the devil.”

Source: The Korea Times

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