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Beer Festivals in Korea 2018

The landscape of the air has changed. The seasons are running towards summer. The higher the temperature, the more people become desperate to cool it. A glass of cool and refreshing beer comes to mind. It is not the season of ‘Beer Mania’. As soon as the beer festival began to kick off all over the country. The beer has also diversified. You can choose your favorite craft beer from domestic and foreign breweries.

Beer Festivals in Korea 2018

Let’s pick a variety of handmade beers

The Beer week Seoul, which will be held in the Common Ground in Jayang-dong, Seoul until the 27th, is a festival where domestic and foreign breweries gather together. This year’s fourth event will be hosted by the Korea Craft Beer brand ‘The Booth’ and will feature 25 breweries can taste 51 distinctive beers made by brewers who boast a thick fan base such as ‘Galmegi Brewery’, ‘Wild Wave Brewery’, ‘GorillaBrewery’ from Busan, representing Gangneung’s ‘Budnamu’ and ‘Magpie Brewery’ from Jeju, Sokcho’s ‘Craftroot’, Gapyeong’s ‘KABREW’ and Ulsan’s “Whasoo Brewery”.

Especially in this festival, California’s hot brewers were invited for the first time in Korea. Laughing Monk, the award-winning ‘Great American Beer Festival’, America’s premier beer festival; Ale Industries, the oldest production brewery in Auckland; ‘Temescal Brewing, Barebottle Brewing ‘and’ Triple Voodoo ‘to Korean beer lovers for the first time.

On the 25th, The BeerWeek Seoul showcases the ChimmelierAle (Chimmelier + Ale), the ale that best fits with the ‘Baedal Minjok’ and ‘The Booth’ made together.

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Anyone can join The BeerWeek Seoul without a separate admission fee, and if you purchase a ‘beer coupon’ on the spot, you can enjoy a freshly served beer. It will also include meals such as Mexican tacos and steaks, as well as a variety of events and artist performances.

Beer Festivals in Korea 2018

Daejon Handmade Beer & Music Festival will be held at Daejon Tower in Daejeon Expo from 8th to 10th next month. Enjoy open-air outdoor enthusiasts in the background of Hanbat Tower and enjoy 15 handcrafted beer and musical performances from all over the country. Food trucks are also participating, including Daejeon’s ‘Weizenhaus’, Gyeonggi Goyang’s ‘Platinum Beer’, Gangwon Hoengseong’s ‘Seven Brau’, Gyeongsang Ansan’s ‘Kraemerlee’, Gyeongbuk Mungyeong’s ‘Ganadara Brewery’ and Gyeongbuk Andong’s ‘Andong Brewery’. The performances of ‘Seenroot’ and ‘Typhoon’ are also worthy of expectation. Admission is 10,000 won. Two 190ml tasting tickets are provided and you can freely buy beer after tasting.

Beer Festivals in Korea 2018

In Busan, there is a festival where handmade beer is gathered in one place. Busan Handmade Beer festival will be a three-day beer festival held in Busan, a brewery pub called ‘SKoLL’ in Busan Jeonpo-dong, from the 15th to the 17th of next month(July). This is the first festival held this year. You can enjoy a total of 29 kinds of beer from 14 breweries all over the country including Busan and others such as ‘Magpie’, ‘Jeju Beer’, ‘Advanced’ ‘Arc’ and ‘Praha 933’. You can find a beer that suits you by listening to the explanation of the brewer (brewer). There is also a flea market that sells accessories including brewery designs. Ticket is 20,000 won.

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Beer Festivals in Korea 2018

Beer alone is delicious, but if you are with a fantastic partner, the taste is doubled. You can find a fantastic partner in the 2018 Centum Beer Festival held in KNN Centum Plaza in Busan from 31st to 10th of next month. You can enjoy unlimited draft beers and enjoy 30 different kinds of food while enjoying the movie hall and the open square. The stage performance changes every day, and LED lights, small items, and EDM music can be used to create a party atmosphere. Extracurricular events, such as taking out beer in large ice cubes and drinking beer fast, add to the fun. Admission fee 10,000 won (unlimited beer).

Beer Festivals in Korea 2018

Daegu Chimac Festival celebrates what Koreans love to enjoy, chicken with beer, and will take place at Duryu Park in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. The term “chimac” is a portmanteau of chicken and maekju (meaning “beer”). With over 880,000 visitors in 2015, and one million visitors during the festival of 2016, the number of total visitors continues to increase as this festival steps up to become one of the most significant events in Korea. This year’s festival will include music and cultural performances, making the entire festival overflow with youthful energy.

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