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Without a doubt, it is the best season to enjoy colors in Seoul City. You can enjoy the deepening autumn flavor of downtown Seoul without going far from Seoul. Half a day will be enough for you to enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage of Zelkova trees, Ginkgo trees, and Royal cherry trees in Seoul. Walk along the maple road, feel the autumn flavor and romance, and enjoy relaxing time with your loved ones in Seoul.

Best places chosen by Seoul City to enjoy Autumn in Seoul!

In particular, the fall foliage in Seoul is expected to peak from late October to early November. In the case of the Bukhansan Mountain area which is the outskirts of Seoul, visitors can enjoy the fall foliage in late October. You can enjoy the fall foliage in the center area of Seoul until early November. The ‘Best 93 Places of Fall Foliage in Seoul’ consists of four themed paths, including ‘trails along stream’ (13 sites), ‘trails near tourist spots’ (17 sites), ‘trails near parks’ (20 sites) , and ‘trails where you can take a walk’ (43 sites) that spans 155 kilometers. Maple trees in the trains include Zelkova trees, Ginkgo trees, Royal cherry trees, and Metasequires. Take a look at the list of 93 sites of Seoul’s best fall foliage trails, and enjoy the fall mood and romance! Taking a short break from your busy daily routines will ease you with beautiful colors of nature.

Best places chosen by Seoul City to enjoy Autumn in Seoul!

A foliage path is a trail where you can take a walk along the stream without encountering a vehicle in a busy city, Seoul. The beautiful scenery, which combines open view with the stream and the foliage path offers you a chance to take a break from busy days. Anyangcheon, Jungnangcheon, and Hongje Stream are the majority of the trails where you can enjoy both trees and streams. Songjeong Embankment Road (Sungdonggyo~ Jangpyeonggyo Bridge) is a dense forest that stretches 4.7 kilometers long and offers a wide range of fall foliage including ginkgo trees, royal cherry trees, and zelkova trees.  Uicheon Embankment in Gangbuk-gu (Sinchanggyo-Wolgye 2 Bridge) is famous for its beautiful path with a straight line of bushy trees, and the foliage on the side of the trail. Anyangcheon stream where you can take a walk along the trail of Yangpyeong Bridge to Anyang Steel Bridge, you can see a variety of wildflowers while walking along beautiful streams.

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Best places chosen by Seoul City to enjoy Autumn in Seoul!

There are fall foliage trails for family, lovers, and friends to enjoy the fall foliage as well as the nearby restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing. Samcheong-dong-gil (East Cross-Samcheong Tunnel) is a beautiful maple path with gingko and zelkova trees and is good for a short rest at Samcheong Park while visiting galleries, handicraft shops, and cafes near Gyeongbokgung and Samcheong-dong. Deoksugung-gil (Daehan Gate – Seoul Museum of Art) is also a representative walking trail in the city center of Seoul. You can not only enjoy the beautiful leaves, but also some cultural charging at Deoksugung Palace, City Museum of Art, and Jeongdong Theater.

Best places chosen by Seoul City to enjoy Autumn in Seoul!

ITaewon-ro (Samgakji station – Noksapyeong Station) has beautiful ginkgo and birch trees. After enjoy walking at the trails, you can also have an exotic meal at nearby Gyeongridan-gil or Haebangchon, which are emerging as transit streets, and if you walk toward the Hyatt Hotel, you will also be connected to Seoul Tower trails.

Best places chosen by Seoul City to enjoy Autumn in Seoul!

If you want to see more abundant fall foliage, go to big parks in the city, including Namsan, Ttukseom Seoul Forest and Songpanaru Park. Children’s Grand Park, which has many big trees for more than 20 years, and World Cup Park in Sangam-dong, which is famous for its forest of Metasequires and pink muhly, are also popular places in the fall. The Seoul Forest, which is an excellent photo zone combines with the Han River to enjoy the deep forest energy, and the ginkgo Tree Forest, which offers yellow autumn scenery. In the case of Yangjae Citizens Forest, the huge Metasequires maple path is impressive, and the Songpanaru Neighborhood Park (Sukchon Lake) has beautiful fall foliage and you can also spend the weekend at nearby Lotte World.

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Best places chosen by Seoul City to enjoy Autumn in Seoul!

You can also take a trip to Gwanaksan Mountain and Bukhansan Mountain where you can enjoy the clear air and fall foliage. Gwanaksan Mountain, one of the places where autumn foliage starts early in Seoul, is a paved road (1km) from the entrance of Gwanaksan Mountain, which is located at the main entrance of Seoul National University, so it is also good for people to use wheelchairs or strollers, and there are many intermission spaces, including a forest library.

Best places chosen by Seoul City to enjoy Autumn in Seoul!

Walkerhill Road (Achasan Ecological Park – Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjin-gu) is easy to walk thanks to the wooden decks, and Acha Mountain Jagok-gil, connected to Ahchasan Mountain, is a comfortable walking path through the forest. Seodaemun Ansan Trail is an impressive maple forest trail that meets Metasequoia Forest Road as you walk through the forest along the zelkova trail. There are many maple roads that you can meet on the way up Bukhansan Mountain. The 4.19 road in Gangbuk-gu, Insubong-gil, Ginkgo Tree in Jinheung-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, are also recommended places.
There is no English version for the official Seoul site where you can see the full lists of 93 trails, but I will attach in case you can understand Korean.
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