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Best Places to Take a Selfie or Photoshoot in Seoul

We’re entering some of the best weather in Seoul now which makes it just the time to catch that perfect selfie. Places with a vantage point always make for great selfies.

Namsan Park has great scenic points along its walk path to N Seoul Tower and which are far less crowded than the tower itself. Another more private viewpoint for great pictures are at Bugak Skyway such as at the Palgakjeong, however, the skyway is most easily accessible via car.

Best Places to Take a Selfie or Photoshoot in Seoul

One of Seoul’s newest viewpoints and popular selfie spot is the new Seoullo 7017. Particularly the backdrop of the old Seoul Station and the surrounding new buildings makes for a great shot both during the day or at night.

Best Places to Take a Selfie or Photoshoot in Seoul

As an ancient city, one of the best ways to capture the traditional aspects is by taking a shot at one of the royal palaces. In particular, Changdeokgung Palace is well known for its beauty- especially Huwon, the rear gardens which can only be accessed via a guided tour. The iconic Gwanghwamun is another must spot for a selfie and your picture will be greatly dramatized if you can capture the changing of the royal guards’ ceremony in your shot. For a lesser known Gwanghwamun selfie spot, enter the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, which has free admission, and go to the rooftop to enjoy some spectacular aerial shots of the enormous square. Deoksugung Palace is another great palace to take selfies in for its mix of traditional and more modern structures while Changgyeonggung’s striking Daeonshil is so popular for pictures they even restrict wedding photos from being conducted here.

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Seoul City Tour - Half Day Afternoon

Namdaemun Market and Gwangjang Market also make for some lively and colorful selfies due to the bustling energy of these traditional markets. Noryangjin Fish Market is also guaranteed to generate likes from your friends for its unique setting. Also, the flashing neon lights of Myeongdong or Jongno’s Avenue of Youth are favorite spots to capture Seoul’s fast pace and energy.

For greener spaces, take selfies at the unique Seonyudo Park which is built on an old water treatment plant or among the rows of tall trees at Seoul Forest which are particularly selfie-worthy in autumn. Bongeunsa and Jogyesa are two of Seoul’s best known Buddhist temples and are especially beautiful to take selfies around the period of Buddha’s birthday but of course, be respectful when taking pictures of those who are there to pray.

Dongdaemun DDP

To capture the modern aspects of Seoul, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza is your best bet, particularly in the massive structure’s rear area with the rows of lit up, LED roses at night. The new Lotte World Tower, which is now among the world’s tallest structures, will also provide some captivating photos both outside the tower and inside the observatory which is currently the third tallest in the world.

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Cheonggycheon Night Walk

For some romantic selfies, the Cheonggyecheon Stream is hard to beat, especially at night or in the fall when the Seoul Lantern Festival is taking place. The Banpo Rainbow Bridge Fountain will provide an illuminating background for the selfies of lovebirds as well or, you can simply rent a bike to bike together on the Han River while capturing some great shots together.

For those looking for artsy or hip neighborhoods, the Ewha Art Village with its wall murals is always a popular choice for selfies but for less crowds head to Mullaedong for its artsy, urban atmosphere without the crowds. Ikseondong, with its many traditional hanok homes is also highly recommended for selfie pictures. You can even rent some hanbok from nearby rental shops for a truly Korean selfie.

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