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I’m sure there are many people who want to go on a snowflake trip in winter Korea. I think you’re planning to see a lot of snow. Here are some BEST places to enjoy a winter destination for snow-covered landscape, where you can see without a hard climb or difficulty.

To give you a tip, you must make sure that your winter snow trip is on a good date. It’s best to plan a week ago(at least).

It’s going to be hard to know the weather a month in advance especially if you want to see snow-covered scenery. It should be in the week of snow before you go. That’s how it’s gonna get snowy, right?

But be careful if there’s a heavy snow forecast. Even if you go after it snows, make sure to bring a chain or spray chain. Also, climbing irons, Gore-Tex or waterproof clothing are essential when you go to see snowscapes! It’s dangerous to wear slippery sneakers, so please keep in mind.

1. A trip to the snowflakes of Muju Deokyusan Mountain

Best Winter Snow Trip locations in Korea Best Winter Snow Trip locations in Korea

The first place I am going to show you is Deokyusan Snowflakes Tour located in Muju Resort. Use the gondola to get to the summit. Walk there for 30 minutes and enjoy the snowflakes trip. There is a slight hike, but it is not a slope high enough or difficult enough for children to walk. But you have to bring your equipment. The picture above shows the back of Deokyusan Mountain ‘Hyangjeokbong’ that used to be a snowstorm.

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Best Winter Snow Trip locations in KoreaBest Winter Snow Trip locations in Korea

You don’t want to miss taking a photo of the sky in Sanggodae. There are also cup noodles for sale at the Hyangjeokbong shelter, but since you may be hungry, it would be better if you bring some water and food for yourself. You need to make a reservation for Gondola, but if you don’t do it in advance, it’s hard to get to a good time zone. If you are in a group, you may consider using a travel agency.

2. Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch / Sheep Ranch

Best Winter Snow Trip locations in Korea

If there is anything different from Deokyusan Mountain, Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch is located in Daegwanryeong, which boasts a cool view. You can see this view if you visit the snowy week.

Best Winter Snow Trip locations in Korea

And the sheep ranch is very pretty when it snowed. However, I was not lucky that I only went there when it melted a lot. I’ll mention it many times, but you have to check the weather in advance. Samyang Ranch is driven up to the top of the mountain, and you have to walk to the sheep ranch. Gangwon-do area is prone to heavy snow, so be sure to take good care of your safety and go in good weather.

3. Wondae-ri(Inje-gun) Birch Forest

Best Winter Snow Trip locations in Korea

It was introduced as a hot place on TV and social media a few years ago. This forest is located in Inje-gun county. There are a lot of tall birch trees. You can rent a climbing irons at the entrance, but please bring it with you if you have it already.

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Best Winter Snow Trip locations in Korea

And walk along the relatively gentle slope for 30 minutes or an hour to see the birch forest. Even the path to the birch forest was a healing mood, and when you arrive, you will be able to see the exotic birch forest of the winter kingdom. I also know that there is a period of entry into the birch forest, so please refer to the information.

4. Snow-covered Nami Island

Best Winter Snow Trip locations in Korea

Nami Island is easy to get there, so it’s comfortable. It feels like a forest, and the exotic atmosphere is really nice. There are a lot of people who have not been able to come in winter. If you come to see the snowscape in winter, Garosu-gil is beautiful and it is a good place to take a walk because it is a flat road. There is nothing more difficult than Deokyusan Mountain, Daegwallyeong, and Birch Forest. You can go there comfortably without any difficulty.

Best Winter Snow Trip locations in Korea

It’s not as scheduled as any other festival, but you have to keep the weather in order and visit the week with the snow forecast to see the beautiful scenery. In addition to the places I recommend, there are many places where people trekked to see the Sanggodae and snow views.

It’s very cold in the middle of winter, so make sure to take good care of your equipment and supplies. Have a nice winter trip with your loved ones this winter.

Credit: This article was taken from ‘maemi‘s blog and translated.

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