BTS and TWICE, most popular KPOP groups in overseas

BTS and TWICE, most popular KPOP groups in overseas

BTS and TWICE, most popular KPOP groups in overseas

If you consider KPOP boy and girl group that is most popular in overseas these days, maybe it is the BTS and TWICE.

Let’s take a look at the activities of those who have dominated the domestic market and are well known overseas. The BTS was on stage for the 2017 American Music Awards (AMAs) as the first K-pop idol group. The BTS on stage showed ‘LOVE YOURSELF Her’ title song ‘DNA’ performance.

Especially, when the BTS appeared on stage, they were surprised to see the enthusiastic audience(ARMY) chant “BTS!” just like in Korea.

BTS and TWICE, most popular KPOP groups in overseas BTS and TWICE, most popular KPOP groups in overseas

After this stage, the BTS showed in the top ranking in the US Google Trend search and twenty million related tweets which received the honor to be featured in the very famous book ‘The Guinness World Records’. Just under Harry Styles, BTS had the second most Twitter engagements and most out of any group. Billboard, New York Post, and other high-profile US media, the stage of the BTS ‘2017 AMAs best moment’ and showed a keen interest.

Not only that. The BTS appeared in three American talk shows during this period. CBS “James Corden’s The Late Rate Show”, ABC “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and NBC ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ recording on November 21. In addition, in the 2012 Psy starring ABC’s New Year special program ‘Dick Clark New Years Rocking Eve 2018’ recording of the end of the year, the BTS will make even more impressive to the United States viewers.

The MIC Drop remix music video, which was released on the official YouTube channel at 6 pm on November 24, has passed 20 million views at 3:13 pm on the 26th of the 45 hours and 13 minutes. Following the DNA of the BTS released in September, it achieved the second record of K-pop group songs.

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It also ranked first in iTunes in 60 countries, including the United States, 47 countries around the world and neighboring countries. Asia and North and South America continent such as USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, As well as Europe, has ranked # 1 on the iTunes top song charts in 47 countries around the world. Unlike the album charts, iTunes ‘Top Song Chart’ is a fee-based music chart based on individual recordings.

With such great interest, the BTS has finished their schedule in the US, will spur the preparations for the end of the year concert on their return home. The ‘Wings Tour’ Seoul Final concert will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul from December 8 to 3.

BTS and TWICE, most popular KPOP groups in overseas

If the Boy Group BTS is attracting a lot of attention from around the world, you can count TWICE among the girl groups.

TWICE’s performance in Japan is remarkable. ‘Likey’ is the hot buzz song of the Billboard Japan Hot 100 (Hot BUZZ SONG) charts for the third consecutive week and has been gathering attention.

‘Hot Buzz Song’ charts Billboard Japan Hot 100 data, including weekly downloads, tweets, and video plays, based on the number of songs that compiled the most talked about the week. ‘Likey’ was ranked first in the chart on the 27th of this month and kept its lead for the third consecutive week. This is an unusual case for non-Japanese songs.

This is not the only thing. TWICE received a platinum certification from the Japan Record Association for their debut album ‘# TWICE’, which debuted on June 28 in Japan, and ‘One More Time’, Japan’s first original single released on October 18. As a result, TWICE became the first Korean artist to become the first Korean artist to acquire platinum certification for both singles and albums in the same year, and to make Japan’s first album and first single as platinum.

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BTS and TWICE, most popular KPOP groups in overseas

Based on this popularity, Twice will be appearing on ‘Kyohaku Uta Gassen’, which is the special program of NHK ‘s year-end celebration, on the 31st of next month, and appeared in 6 years after TVXQ, SNSD and Kara. It is also the first Korean artist to have appeared in ‘Kyohaku Uta Gassen’ in the debut year.

TWICE released the regular 1st album ‘TWICETAGRAM’ on the 30th of last month, and has been steadily popular with the title song ‘Likey’, which won the 6th album in the music broadcast. Also on YouTube, the “Likey” music video is running for breathlessly to reach the 6th consecutive 100 million views, breaking the fastest 80 million views of the KPOP Girls group.

An official said, “The interest in BTS and TWICE are tremendous in Japan, and various business proposals are coming in. In fact, in Japan, there was a feeling that the KPOP had been a little bit stiffened, but when I was interested in the BTS and TWICE, I remember when the Korean Wave was blowing in Japan.”

Though it is really hot, it seems to be getting hotter in the future. We wonder if they will be surprised by what records they will see in the future.

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