BTS Jimin Celebrates High School Teacher's Wedding..'Jamin's perfect personality' | HaB

BTS Jimin Celebrates High School Teacher’s Wedding..’Jamin’s perfect personality’

A classmate of BTS Jimin released a video clip of Jimin’s dancing at his high school teacher’s wedding. Jimin’s beautiful lines when dancing caught the attention of fans around the world. Jimin was the first student who entered as the top student since the opening of Busan Arts High School, which is known to be very unusual. Based on his natural talent, Jimin has established himself as BTS’ real-life main dancer even during the shortest trainee period and has secured fans around the world with performances called stage geniuses every time he performs. Ji-min, who started dancing in earnest when he was a junior in middle school, majored in modern dance with very good grades in both her writing and writing scores and learned ballet, Poppin, hip-hop, breakdance, and street dance. Jimin, who loved math and science, was good at various sports as well as studying and dancing, and was also known to have practiced fencing, taekwondo, and martial arts since childhood, as well as painting skills.

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BTS Jimin Celebrates High School Teacher's Wedding..'Jamin's perfect personality'

Jimin in the celebratory stage video made fans smile with his cute and lovely appearance that can be recognized at a glance even in low-quality of the video. Jimin’s unique dance line, which combines the power and softness drew cheers from those who watched even in a short moment. Jimin, who has become a global superstar, has continued to get posts praising his warm past deeds from old acquaintances.

BTS Jimin Celebrates High School Teacher's Wedding..'Jamin's perfect personality'

In his school days, Jimin was very caring and affectionate. He was well-mannered enough to serve as a class president for nine years. Despite his busy daily life as a popular singer in the world, he did not forget to thank his past emissaries and acquaintances and sent autographs and flowers to the Busan Arts High School Dongmun Dance Festival. During the Mnet entertainment show “I Can See Your Voice 6,” dance instructor Kim Dae-hoon said, “My friend is Jimin of the famous world-class BTS. When I said I would go on air, Jimin cheered and bought me a meal,” he said, making headlines for a while.

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BTS Jimin Celebrates High School Teacher's Wedding..'Jamin's perfect personality'

Also, Jimin, born in Busan, donated 100 million won to the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education to support students from 16 schools in Busan. It was also later known to the public as Jimin’s another good deed, which made the support even more moving. In addition to BTS’ success, Jimin’s unwavering nature of caring for people around him, as well as his passion and humble attitude toward the stage even when he became a world-renowned popular singer, makes Jimin more special.

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