BTS Jin has getting attention with the Hanbok fashion of the airport

BTS Jin has getting attention with the Hanbok fashion of the airport

BTS Jin has getting attention with the Hanbok fashion of the airportPhoto: XPORTSNEWS

A member of the BTS, Jin has got attention with the Hanbok fashion of the airport.

On November 29, the BTS went to Hong Kong via Incheon International Airport, attending ‘2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2017 MAMA)’.

Among them, member Jin appeared in a different outfit than the other members, and the fans at the airport were surprised by the reporters as well. Jin has a lot of curiosity about costumes reminiscent of the Joseon Dynasty, such as wearing classical scholar hanbok.

In this regard, the agency of the BTS said that a costume prepared as part of the ‘Run Bangtan’ V-App. We will be able to know the details through V-live broadcasting.”

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The BTS made their debut at the ‘2017 American Music Awards (2017 AMAs)’ for the first time in the KPOP group and on the 24th November, at 6pm, BTS announced a remix of “MIC Drop”, a collaboration between musician Steve Aoki, one of the top EDM musician in US, and a world-class rapper Desiigner, who achieved two Billboard Music Awards in May.

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The BTS has been continuing their vigorous campaigns and will show differentiated performances on the domestic awards ceremony.

Previously, the BTS made an appearance in the preview video saying, “I prepared a huge stage for the MAMA scale.” Among them, “NEW LOOK” and “REMIX” are released as a performance spoiler, and it stimulates curiosity.

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