BTS met up with their junior group TXT at Big Hit Entertainment | HaB

BTS met up with their junior group TXT at Big Hit Entertainment

BTS met up with their junior group TXT at Big Hit Entertainment

“This is Jungkook hyung. Don’t get sick and good luck with your promotions.”

TXT has officially debuted, which means BTS‘s Jungkook is officially no longer Big Hit Entertainment‘s youngest idol. He’s a “hyung” now.

The official SNS of the BTS posted a photo taken by all 12 members of BTS and TXT on their Twitter accounts before posting a cheer-up tweet to their junior group, “TXT”

“Thank you so much for having to give us time and say such nice things to us with good advice. We will do our very best to be your juniors! We love you, our sunbaenim/s,” the group wrote, using the term “subaenim,” meaning “senior” in the sense of referring to someone who’s slightly older or has gone before you, to affectionately refer to BTS.

Jungkook replied to TXT’s photo on behalf of BTS, and acknowledged that he was officially “Jungkookie hyung” and a maknae no more. Per a fan’s translation of Jungkook’s reply, he wrote: “This is Jungkookie Hyung. Don’t fall sick & fighting (all the best) for the activities,” possibly referring to the fact that some of the TXT band members were wearing face masks in the photo.

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Fans also sent a lot of moving and cheering for their juniors, guessing that the fans would be more special and affectionate for the younger group as they were the youngest members of the group.

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Ten minutes after the BTS cheerleaders posted their messages on Twitter, fans were surprised to find that they were ranked No. 3 in World Twitter Trends with JUNGKOOK HYUNG, Jungkookie, and were on the real-time trend in 44 countries around the world.

Fans of BTS showed keen interest in his beloved juniors’ love throughout the world and gave warm support to the younger group.

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