BTS topped Billboard for 4 consecutive weeks, first group in the 21st century | HaB

BTS topped Billboard for 4 consecutive weeks, first group in the 21st century

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BTS topped Billboard for 4 consecutive weeks

BTS topped the U.S. Billboard main single chart “Hot 100” for four consecutive weeks.

The U.S. Billboard announced on June 21 (local time) that BTS topped the Billboard’s latest chart with its digital single “Butter” released on June 21.

“Butter” went straight to No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart in the first week of entry (June 5th) and remained at the top for four consecutive weeks, topping the latest chart.

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BTS’s “Hot 100” No. 1 record is their ninth career record. “Dynamite” (3 times) released in August last year has topped the Hot 100 list for the first time by a Korean singer, including the “Savage Love” remix version (1 time), the title track of the album “BE” (1 time), and “Butter” (4 times). BTS also broke its own record of No. 1 in the Hot 100 three times held by Dynamite with “Butter.”

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BTS topped Billboard for 4 consecutive weeks

According to Billboard, “Butter” is the 13th song to top the list for more than four consecutive weeks out of 54 songs that went straight to the top of the list in the first week of entry. It is the first milestone since Aerosmith in 1998 and the first in the 21st century.

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Citing MRC data, Billboard explained, “Butter’s weekly tally until June 20 showed 25.8 million radio listeners, up 6% from the previous weekly tally.”

Starting with Dynamite, BTS has topped the Hot 100 for four consecutive songs, including the remix version of “Savage Love”, “Life Goes On” and “Butter”, showing off its status as the “21st Century Pop Icon”.

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