BTS V bought a Dallas Artist's Paintings and something happens! | HaB

BTS V bought a Dallas Artist’s Paintings and something happens!

BTS V bought a Dallas Artist's Paintings and something happens!

The story of the BTS purchase of an artist’s work in Dallas was introduced to local media, drawing much attention in Korea as well.

In the local media, ‘D Magazine’, reported on Monday (local time), about what happened after the BTS’ V bought a painting.

Marc Dominus, 65, held an exhibition in Dallas, Texas, U.S., and the BTS accidentally entered the exhibition.

“May your day shine bright”

It is probably during the Bangtan Youth World Tour held in Texas, the U.S. in September.

While V looking around the gallery, he liked two paintings by an unknown artist named Marc Dominus and bought them on the spot. The painting was sold for 450 dollars each.

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“That night, not only did I sell a painting to a complete stranger, I sold two paintings to a complete stranger. An extraordinarily famous stranger.”

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Marc Dominus describes himself as a “young 65-year-old.” He lives in a house in Little Forest Hills and recently installed a small painting studio in his backyard.

“About four months ago now, I decided to stop everything I was doing,” he says. ” I committed myself to painting every single day. It felt like there was something going on with me and art.” Dominus worked as a risk management consultant for 30 years. “I really like working with color. I really like creating. I always thought I was an artist trapped in the body of a management consultant.”

He was thrilled to be included in the Masstige exhibit at Kettle Art. It was the first time his work had been displayed in a professional capacity.

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Surprised at the fact that K-pop stars had bought them, he posted them on his social networking site and immediately drew huge headlines.

He became popular for his purchase of the briquettes, and since then, he has been actively engaged in social networking services and selling the pieces.

So, when, by rainy happenstance, seven handsome young pop stars set out to explore Dallas, and ended up in Deep Ellum, and then in Kettle Art Gallery, it would end up being a cool story for Campagna. But it would be an even cooler story for artist Marc Dominus—this would be the first time he ever sold a piece of art to a complete stranger.

Thanks to two paintings that were bought by V, Mark Dominus found his dream of becoming a painter again. He proudly promotes the purchase of his paintings on his homepage.

Meanwhile, according to an article that Marc Dominus exchanged with his fan, he told the artist that he had bought two paintings and left. “May your day shine bright”

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