BTS will hold a fan event at Seoul Plaza on March 10 | HaB

BTS will hold a fan event at Seoul Plaza on March 10

BTS will hold a fan event at Seoul Plaza on March 10

BTS will hold a fan event with ARMY at Seoul Plaza on March 10. BTS started releasing 2080 puzzles sequentially on its official website( on February 25. Fans who have found 2080 puzzles hidden around the world will answer questions about BTS and fill out ARMYPEDIA by writing, taking pictures and videos. ARMYPEDIA will be completed only when fans from all over the world share, communicate and cooperate with BTS’ record of 2080 days of activities.

Prior to this, BTS opened the official website of ARMYPEDIA on the 22nd and introduced a teaser that members selected the most meaningful day in seven cities including Seoul, Los Angeles and New York, Japan, Tokyo, London, England, Paris, France, and Hong Kong. ARMYPEDIA has become a global trend in Twitter as well as a real-time search word for major portal sites in Korea. Fans around the world showed explosive interest as they prepared to complete 2080 puzzles by taking teasers on SNS and sharing them with each other or reading instructions.

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BTS will hold a fan event at Seoul Plaza on March 10

Current U.S. media such as Grammy, Billboard and Teen Vogue also focused on ARMYPEDIA. He has detailed definitions of ARMYPEDIA, how to participate, and responses from fans around the world, expressing expectations for a global campaign that only BTS can do.

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BTS will hold ‘RUN ARMY in ACTION’ at Seoul Plaza on March 10. “RUN ARMY in ACTION” will be held for 5th anniversary of the BTS fan club, and ARMY gathered at Seoul Plaza will be able to remember and enjoy the past 2080 days of BTS through offline events.

ARMYPEDIA is the official fan club of BTS and Internet users themselves. It is a digital archive of BTS that is made with fans in the compound of the words ‘ARMY’ and ‘Wikipedia’. From June 13, 2013, when BTS debuted, to February 21, 2019, a total of 2080 days will be recorded.

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