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Celebrity of celebrity, Yang Joon-il Syndrome in Korea

“Joon-il, I know nothing happens your way. But don’t worry. Everything has to be done perfectly,” 51-year-old Yang Joon-il told to a young man himself in his 20s.

Celebrity of celebrity, Yang Joon-il Syndrome in Korea

Singer Yang Joon-il sent a message of thanks to fans for recognizing and welcoming his true value for the first time in 30 years. Yang Joon-il, who appeared as the last guest of the culture guest of JTBC’s “News Room” on December 25, Christmas Day, expressed gratitude to fans brought up from memories 30 years ago.

Celebrity of celebrity, Yang Joon-il Syndrome in Korea

Yang Joon-il, who returned to Korea after resigning from a restaurant he worked in the U.S., said, “It’s like a dream every day. “Actually, I arrived at Incheon International Airport from the plane, me and my wife just clapped for joy.” he was delighted.

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He also confessed, “I’ve been trying to get rid of my prejudice against myself, which is full of my mind as if I had to abandon my unhappiness before I was happy.”

Though Yang Joon-il had to face the barriers of prejudice against others in the K-pop scene 30 years ago, his interview was still full of humility and warmth.

Celebrity of celebrity, Yang Joon-il Syndrome in Korea

The fans cheered Yang’s consistent appearance, saying, “He must have been hurt a lot, but I was still moved by the bright side of him.” On the same day, fans openly cheered for Yang on the outdoor billboard at COEX subway station in Samseong-dong, Seoul, with the meaning of welcoming Yang.

Celebrities responded, too. A former member of Kpop girl group Sharp Lee Ji-hye said on her social media, “Yang Joon-ill Oppa is my celebrity when I was young. I adore Yang Joon-il Oppa every night,” she said. “My Oppa who has a clear soul is my love.”

The future laid before Yang Joon-il and his family is very bright. Due to the re-examination and popularity in Korea, the two fan meetings on December 31 were not only sold out, but music production, advertisement, and musical offers were also reported to be pouring in. “There are no more tears,” Yang said, adding that his powerful fandom, which claims to be a support group, is also a big boost to Yang.

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