Chef 'Gordon Ramsay' will be on Korean cooking variety show

Chef ‘Gordon Ramsay’ will be on Korean cooking variety show

Gordon Ramsay

World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay is appearing on the JTBC’s cooking variety show ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator‘. Gordon Ramsay confirmed his appearance on November 18th in “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”

Gordon Ramsay is a Scottish chef and his restaurant has 14 Michelin stars. He appeared in the British series ‘Hell’ s Kitchen”, “The F Word” and built a big reputation in Korea.

This is the first time Gordon Ramsay has appeared in a Korean entertainment program, and he will participate in a 15 minute cooking show and will demonstrate the skills he has never seen before. It is expected that global attention will be attracted not only in Korea but also in his cooking ability, which is hard to see in the British cooking program.

Gordon Ramsay is going to be a challenger, not a host, so he has to do 15 min cooking competition with other chefs on that day. Under this program format, chefs should complete the cooking in 15 minutes using only the refrigerator material of the given guest. Even Gordon Ramsey himself, the world’s top chef, is likely to face a tough challenge.

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On the day when Gordon Ramsay appears, a major leaguer baseball player Oh Seung-Hwan and major league coach Hong Sung-Heun will appear as guests. Since both of them are good performers, they will have more questions about their special recipe and baseball players’ routine.

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Please take care of my refrigerator

‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’ format

In each episode, two guests have their refrigerators brought to the filming studio. The hosts go through each refrigerator, with the hosts, chefs, and guests commenting on unusual or otherwise notable foods. The hosts will also often “help” the guests by throwing away ingredients that are expired or otherwise unsuitable for consumption. Each guest has four of the eight chefs assigned to them, and each guest presents two categories of food that they would like cooked. Examples of categories include Western-style food or a seafood dish that the guest’s children would enjoy. Each of the four chefs chooses the category they would like to compete in, with two chefs competing in each category.

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The two competing chefs have 15 minutes to cook a dish using ingredients from the guest’s refrigerator. A host (Kim Sung-joo or Ahn Jung-hwan) will sample the dishes in the middle of the cooking process and comment on whether he thinks it tastes good or not. Starting with the chef who finished cooking their dish first, each chef presents their dish to the guest and then to the hosts, other chefs, and other guests. After commentary on the dishes, the guest selects the winner.

In earlier formats, all cast members (hosts, other chefs, and the other guest) voted on the winner, with the chef who finished earlier winning in the event of a draw.

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