Cheonggyecheon Stream, best place to visit at night in Seoul

Tourists walking through Cheonggyecheon to explore the tradition and history of Seoul, citizens to observe the fish and birds returning to the stream, and lovers to enjoy dating. Where and how should we look around Cheonggyecheon? This course will introduce you to the recommended course, which is only available in two to three hours.

If you want to experience a variety of activities along the stream, such as restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and cultural centers, the three-hour course from Cheonggye Plaza to Ogansugyo bridge(2.9 km) is recommended.

Walking Route (2.9 km) / About 3 hours
Cheonggye Plaza -> Gwangtonggyo -> Samilgyo -> Supyogyo -> Saebyeokdari -> Gwangjang Market -> Ogansugyo

Cheonggyecheon Stream, best place to visit at night in Seoul

After passing Da-dong and Mugyo-dong, which can be found many special restaurants and high-end restaurants, you can enjoy shopping attractions such as “Jeongjo Banchado (King Jeongjo Royal Procession),” which stretches 186 feet in length, as well as the water fountain.

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Cheonggyecheon Stream, best place to visit at night in Seoul

If you want to take a slow look at the stream from downtown, we can recommend a course, Muhakgyo Bridge to Ogansugyo bridge (2.6 kilometers) from the Cheonggyecheon Cultural Center in Majang-dong, Seongdong-gu, downtown Seoul.

Walking Route (2.6 km) / About 3 hours
Cheonggyecheon Museum -> Shantytown Theme Zone -> Dumuldari (Bridge) -> Gosanjagyo (Bridge) -> Muhakgyo Bridge -> Biudanggyo (Bridge) -> Hwanghakgyo (Bridge) -> Seoul Folk Flea Market

It is good to check out the history of Cheonggyecheon at the Cheonggye Cultural Center before start walking. The course is headed to Dongdaemun, which is crowded with fashion towns, passing through the Hwanghakgyo bridge and Muhakgyo bridge, where 282 lights are set after sunset. In the middle of the day, people can enjoy the scenery of Hwanghak-dong flea market and Dongdaemun Pungmul Market(Seoul Folk Flea Market).

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Cheonggyecheon Stream, best place to visit at night in Seoul

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