Cherry blossom spreading Jeju Island ... Landing soon to the mainland of Korea | HaB

Cherry blossom spreading Jeju Island … Landing soon to the mainland of Korea

Jeju King Cherry Blossom Festival

On March 22, the Jeju Island Provincial Meteorological Agency said that cherry blossoms were bloomed on the standard observatory tree of the Meteorological Agency, which is the standard for the flowering of cherry trees in Jeju Island.

This is 6 days earlier than the last year (March 28) and six days earlier than the average year (March 25). The Meteorological Agency says it bloomed on one of the standard observations when three or more flowers were blooming.

Considering that cherry blossoms in full bloom will take about a week from opening, in Jeju, cherry blossoms are expected to climax at the end of March in Jeju Island.

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The Meteorological Agency said it had three days of cold weather, but the average temperature before the opening of this month was 1.3 degrees higher than last year and 1.8 degrees higher than the average year. Forsythia has been bloomed four days earlier than normal and azaleas are blooming 13 days earlier than average year.

Jeju King Cherry Blossom Festival will be held from March 30 to April 1 in Jeonnong-ro and April 7 to 8 in Jangjeon-ri, Aewol-eup.

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Jeju’s King Cherry Tree blossoms can be seen all over the island. The petals of Jeju’s King Cherry Tree blossoms are the largest and most luxurious among all cherry blossoms. The peak of the King Cherry Trees blossoms lasts for only 2 to 3 days, but the beautiful blossoms can be seen for weeks, from late March to the second week of April.

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