CHERRY BLOSSOM : Trees of Magic, Mystery and Mythology! | HaB

CHERRY BLOSSOM : Trees of Magic, Mystery and Mythology!

From its silken blossom, luscious crimson berries to its delicate, the Cherry tree’s richness is full of magic, mystery, and mythology! The beautiful and magnificent cherry trees are not only a feast for the senses, but it has a rich and vivid history too.

CHERRY BLOSSOM : Trees of Magic, Mystery and Mythology!

The origin of cherry blossom trees in South Korea is a bit controversial.  During Japanese rule, at Seoul’s Changyeonggyung Palace, The Japanese planted Yoshino trees and the beginning of cherry blossoms was introduced to Korea.

There are a lot of Korean media claims that the Yoshino cherry is the same species as a Korean indigenous, endangered species called Jeju Flowering Tree or “King Cherry“, whose mass production is still being studied.

Cherry blossoms have the meaning of purity and beauty in South Korea.

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CHERRY BLOSSOM : Trees of Magic, Mystery and Mythology!

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CHERRY BLOSSOM : Trees of Magic, Mystery and Mythology!

In ancient mythology, the fruit of the Cherry tree contains the elixir which is the magical or medicinal potion that provides the Gods for their immortality! In the human realm, the juice symbolizes the immortality of our soul and reincarnation. Some of this conclusion has roots on its natural cycle of a cherry tree.

Also, in Chinese folklore, it was believed that the Magical Phoenix ( a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again) slept on a bed of Cherry blossom to bless it with everlasting life.

It’s also said that fairies love the flowering Cherry. If you have a wish, bring a token for these nature Devas (honey is one of the options) and whisper your wish to the Cherry Blossoms. But you must be very specific, the fairies love good-natured jokes.

Sounds so magical!

CHERRY BLOSSOM : Trees of Magic, Mystery and Mythology!

According to the legend in old Buddhist stories, the Cherry is representative of fertility and femininity.  It is said that the mother of Buddha was supported by a holy Cherry tree as she gave birth. The symbol of the ruby-red Cherry is also popular in western culture and the gift of a Cherry tree is said to bring good fortune and future happiness to the days to come!

There are Cherry Tree Superstitions that said Cherry Branches and carvings keep evil spirits away.

Some also said that if you dream about Cherry Trees, it means life’s sweetness and some potential of good fortune coming in your life. It may also be telling you that not everything in life is serious and solemn, as the tree’s motto is “LIFE IS A BOWL OF CHERRIES, EAT THEM AND ENJOY

Sounds mysterious!

CHERRY BLOSSOM : Trees of Magic, Mystery and Mythology!

But, if there will be a magical phoenix, potions, legends or not, these Cherry Blossom Trees teaches us to value the brief time we share together with our loved ones as it blooms only once a year. Its magical and pale petals which brings us so much fulfillment and happiness will only surround us for a short time. Just like our lives, that in the end, just like the petals of cherry trees we will also be fading. Life is short. We must always live our lives the best way we could together with our loved ones.

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CHERRY BLOSSOM : Trees of Magic, Mystery and Mythology!

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