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Cherry blossoms have begun to bloom in Jeju, the queen of spring flowers. The magnolia, which bloomed in full bloom, began to shed its leaves little by little, and it is simply a perfect spring with the help of forsythia blossoms.

On February 23, the Jeju city government canceled the 22nd Jeju King Cherry Blossom Festival scheduled for this month to prevent the spread of infection of the COVID-19 into the local community, and the Seogwipo City government canceled the Jeju Rape Flower Festival and the Seogwipo Rape Flower International Walking Festival despite the economic ripple effect of tens of billions of billion won.

Cherry Blossom in Jeju Island

Last year, 310,000 people visited the Jeju King Cherry Blossom Festival and 160,000 people visited the Jeju Rape Flower Festival, which is one of the most popular tourist products on Jeju Island. Residents, as well as outside tourists who visit Jeju Island every year, visited the festival venue to enjoy the spring.

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On the morning of the 19th March, some cherry trees including Jeonnong-ro and Sinsan Park in Jeju, the main venue of the Jeju King Cherry Blossom Festival, were blooming. Cherry blossoms are beginning to pop in all parts of the island.

Although all the spring flower festivals in the province have been canceled before the power of Corona 19 spreading around the world, cherry blossoms and other beautiful spring flowers are attracting people who are overwhelmed by the stress of the COVID-19.

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On the morning of the day, many citizens were seen walking on the track wearing masks at the park.

With the COVID-19 crisis for a long time, many citizens who had been practicing “Social Distance” are gradually expanding their radius of activities.

Various indoor and outdoor public sports facilities have been closed and citizens who want to avoid visiting them due to infection concerns are flocking to outdoor parks where they can distance themselves from others.

There are also growing concerns among local governments and health authorities about the possibility of an influx of people coming to visit with the full-fledged enlightenment just around the corner.

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