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Comedians react to BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ Official MV (B-side) KOREAN REACTION

BTS is sweeping the world with an album that was not originally scheduled to be released.

New records are being written down day by day.Thanks to BTS’s relentless popularity, the music video of ‘dynamite’ which was released just two days ago has already reached 300 million views. And the Big Hit Labels released the B-side version MV in addition to the official MV.


One of the videos that many KPOP fans like is reaction video. It is to share their appreciation by watching KPOP artists’ music videos or stage videos. By uploading reaction videos, they can share what they felt with other fans. As BTS is a worldwide-famous group, there are so many people’s reaction videos.

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Even ordinary people, who are not fans of different professions such as doctors, lawyers, choreographers, and music producers, are posting reaction videos to BTS.These reaction videos also boast huge views, although they may be incomprehensible to those who are not interested in K-POP.


Of course, the reaction videos to popular idols record higher numbers of views. Unarguably, BTS’s reaction videos have millions of views. And recently, BTS uploaded their own reaction video on Bangtan Channel, too!The reason why these reaction videos are interesting is that K-pop fans all over the world can share how fans in other countries felt thanks to K-pop artists who are loved by fans of various nationalities.

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BTS Dynamite Bside

In particular, many foreign fans are curious about how Korean fans react to K-pop artists. Likewise, Koreans wonder how foreign fans feel about Korean singers. There are these videos called reaction mash-up that mix up many kinds of reaction videos to K-pop artists.As a Korean, it is really a big pleasure to find these reaction videos of foreign K-pop fans. A lot of Korean people feel blessed and thankful for having foreign fans who love Korean culture and even Korea. So many ARMY all over the world share heartwarming comments.

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