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Corona 19 In Seoul – I wouldn’t say it’s safe, but I would say it’s not that dangerous.

Corona 19, which originated in Wuhan, China, has been spread all over the world, but Korea was more in control than any other country. However, the number of confirmed cases has skyrocketed in a week.

corona in Seoul

As of February 24 today, the total number of Corona 19 confirmed cases has reached 763. Seeing this number of statistics, I think foreigners who have planned to travel to Korea or have friends in Korea can’t help but feel scared. But if you come to Korea and don’t have any plan to explore outside Seoul, I want to tell you that there’s not much to worry about at this moment of time.

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Out of 636 confirmed Corona 19 cases of South Korea, 83.3 %(which is obviously a huge number) live in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, where you have to drive roughly 4 hours from Seoul. Regarding the fact that South Korea is a quite small country, 4-hour-driving is a very far distance from Seoul. Moreover, the Korean government is also doing its best to keep the virus from leaving the Daegu area any further.


The reason for the spread of the Corona 19 which had been dormant in Korea, is this cult called “Shin-Cheon-Ji”. A person who had already been infected participated in the cult meeting with a number of people and spread the virus that day, and the number of secondary tertiary infections increased exponentially.

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As of today (Feb.24th), more than 60%of Corona 19 confirmed cases were found to be related to this cult. There are currently only a total of 27 confirmed cases in Seoul. As you can see from the street if you are in Seoul right now, almost everyone is thoroughly prepared by wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizers.

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