Dance whiz kid ‘Na Haeun’ finally debut as a singer

Dance whiz kid 'Na Haeun' finally debut as a singer

Na Haeun, Kids model and famous for ‘Dance whiz kid’, made her debut as a singer through her debut song ‘So Special’. On the 25th YouTube page ‘Awesome Haeun’, the music video of Na Haeun’s debut song ‘So Special’ was released.

Dance whiz kid 'Na Haeun' finally debut as a singer Dance whiz kid 'Na Haeun' finally debut as a singer

The music video starts with Na Haeun, who ordered the banana milk, passing a crush on a strange little boy sitting next to her. The little boy who wants to capture Na Haeun’s heart even though it presents a lollipop, refuses it and feels frustrated to see Na Haeun who is leaving.

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Na Haeun, who appeared in the music video with a sense of styling, follows the title of ‘Dance whiz kid‘ and has various dances that have been shown through YouTube for the time being. In addition, Na Haeun shows off powerful dance under dark lighting and ignites boys’ hearts all over the country.

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The debut song of Na Haeun, which is heavily armed with loveliness and youthfulness, is getting more and more wordy as the talented rapper ‘Microdot’ participates in the feature filming.

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Na Haeun’s debut song “So Special”, which is dominated by this popularity, is enjoying great popularity, surpassing 1.3 million views in just two days. Na Haeun, who started to become popular in the SBS ‘K pop star season 4’ in 2014, is now in his third grade of elementary school and is 10 years old this year.

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