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As a traveler and a food lover, my trip will never be completed without trying the best and unique local food. In the city of Sokcho, province of Gangwon-do, South Korea, there is a very popular food central for a yummy-worthy adventure. It is the Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market! also called as Sokcho Jungang Market. Where you can taste a variety of Korean dishes and delicacies while having a cultural interaction with the locals.

Drool-Worthy Korean Food Escapade at Sokcho Jungang Market

As a young one, I go rarely to traditional markets because, in my mind, it’s for adults and citizens. But, the reality is better than my expectation because it is not just for elders but also a happy place for younger ones with their instagrammable foods! It was an interesting and fun moment for me to visit and explore this kind of areas. Especially, when we tried unique and yummy foods. Here are some of the must-try food in the area:

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Drool-Worthy Korean Food Escapade at Sokcho Jungang Market

(From Top Left Clockwise) My number one favorite is Fish Cakes! It tastes similar to our Fish balls in Manila which is my childhood snack. Next is the Corndogs, with the sweet taste of covered sugar and sauce. I also actually searched for corndogs with french fries covered on it but sadly I didn’t find any on the area. The third is the long, yummy and juicy BBQ. This is perfect with beer and soju (Though I am not good drinking alcohol) The last one is fried prawns and shrimps! truly worth-drooling as it has different sizes, flavors, and kinds.

Food Adventure Tip #1: “Try the unusual food, the weird, and the ones you didn’t try yet. Because that’s what makes your food adventure worth remembering”.

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Drool-Worthy Korean Food Escapade at Sokcho Jungang Market

Food Adventure Tip #2: “Don’t be afraid to try new things once you’re out of your country because it is one of the reasons for traveling, to explore.!”

Drool-Worthy Korean Food Escapade at Sokcho Jungang Market

Since I am with my nephew (Park, Eunho) and niece (Park, Eunji) we also tried sweets like the Soft Choco Ice Cream and Buttery Donut. I also tried this brown fried thing (I forgot what it is called) it’s kinda weird but it tastes extraordinary! And of course, Kimbap, as a Filipino, I always crave for rice!

Food Adventure Tip #3: “Always remember! Do not make yourself full with just one dish only, taste everything first before getting full!”

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