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Enjoy the summertime on Jeju Island

If you’re planning a trip to Jeju Island this July during peak summertime, here are a few useful tips.

On June 20, the Jeju Tourism Organization (JTO) announced its list of 10 must-do activities for travelers visiting the island province.

For those wishing to experience Jeju along its coastlines, the JTO recommends a range of Jeju’s best beaches and accompanying activities.

Starting June 23, Jeju’s major beaches — Gwakji Gwamul, Geumneung, Iho Tewoo, Hamdeok and Hyeopjae beaches — will officially open to the public.

Gwakji Gwamul, Jungmun Saekdal and Iho Tewoo beaches are known for their big waves, making them ideal for surfing. There are places to rent surfing equipment, and with lessons offered, too, anyone can learn how to surf. Paddle boat rentals and sailboat tours are also available.

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A snorkeling spot can be found at Panpo Pogu, a small port located in Hangyeong-myeon. The ocean here is calm and shallow, with beautiful water, making it a perfect spot for snorkeling. Equipment is available for rent at nearby stores and cafes. If you swim a little further out, the water becomes quite deep, making it great for swimming.

There are lots of activities to enjoy on land, too.

The Jeju Offroad Jerazin Camp offers driving courses to race down along the coast. The course, constructed along a 6.5 km horse racing track, has uphill and downhill slopes on dirt roads and reed fields. It also cuts through the Gotjawal Forest, where you can see tropical and polar plants alike, all in one forest. On this one-hour course, supervised by a professional rider, you will also be able to spot horses and deer.

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Jeju Beer Tour

Other activities on the list include a visit to the Hadori Village where tourists can try their hand at harvesting shellfish like the haenyo women divers, and to the Kim Kyung-Sook Sunflower Farm which is home to some 750,000 flowers. A trip to the Jeju Beer Company is always popular, where you can sample a selection of Jeju’s specialty beers on tap.

“We hope you will enjoy the 10 activities on our list, and that you enjoy them all with the whole family, for an action-packed and unique summer vacation,” said a JTO representative.

More information about these tourist sites can be found in English, simplified Chinese and Japanese at the JTO website below.

Source: Korea.net, visit Jeju.net

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