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Everland open New Program, "Raptor Ranger"

Everland has opened a new activity game program, “Raptor Ranger,” to escape from living-moving dinosaurs.

Experience is being held against the backdrop of a military research center that aims to restore an extinct meat-eating dinosaur Raptor and train it for combat, and experience areas such as a dinosaur egg hatchery, a military training room, and a drug lab are being displayed in real-life movie sets.

Everland open New Program, "Raptor Ranger"

In order to avoid attacks from the Raptors who escaped from the laboratory due to power failure, the participants will be required to find hidden gate codes in various parts of the research center within a limited time to escape.

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Raptor dinosaurs appear all over the place as they travel through research centers looking for five emergency levers with code, and about two-meter-tall raptors specially made with foreign professional companies keep people from escaping, chasing people vividly as if they were actually moving.

Everland open New Program, "Raptor Ranger"

Also, the special effects of fireball and fog, which raise tension along with sound effects such as sirens and dinosaur cries, are added throughout the experience, maximizing the sense of immersion that seems to be the main character in the movie.

The Raptor Ranger, which can be used by up to 25 people per episode at the same time, is available for about eight minutes, including free shows and escape missions, and is available for free to anyone who visits Everland through a first-come-first-served on-site reservation system.

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Also at the entrance of Raptor Ranger is a 4-meter-tall Raptor sculpture photo zone that vividly recreates its real appearance, which is good for taking special certification shots with dinosaurs.

Everland will also host customer events to celebrate the new opening of Raptor Ranger.

First of all, the company will give 10,000 first-come, first-served customers a “glorious wound” tattoo sticker that expresses scratches on the claw of the Raptor for free.

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