Everland 'Red Flower Festival' will be held

Everland Red Flower Festival

Everland, where the Halloween festival is held at the moment, will open its new flower festival ‘Red Flower Festival‘ this coming autumn from September 14 to 22.

The Red Flower Festival, held at Four Seasons Garden, the flagship garden of Everland, is a concept that invites guests to the main event with a red carpet on the theme of red flowers.

Everland has a Halloween festival that allows you to experience horror and fun at the same time as the last 7 days, and it carries out a festival where you can enjoy autumn flowers and tells the feeling of autumn to deepen.

Everland Red Flower Festival

In this flower festival, 200,000 flowers of 30 kinds with red colors such as cosmos, chrysanthemum, persimmon, and salvia fill the garden and create a feeling of spreading red carpet.

In addition to the red flowers, white flowers such as Seorak-suk, white prairie, and various of autumnal flowers such as green and silver are added together to add richness.

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Everland Red Flower Festival

According to the concept of the festival scene, the Four Seasons Garden was decorated with five theme zones: △ costume and makeup △ flower car △ flower dress photo time △ wine party △ healing time.

An Everland official said, “I directed myself to spend a special day as if it were the protagonist of a film festival or award ceremony.”

Each themed zone has a variety of photo spots that use flowers such as giant shoes, red carpet tunnels, flower swings, and wine zones. In the center of the garden, there is also a flower dress photo spot with a diameter of 10 meters and a height of 3 meters, so it is good to leave a picture to remember this autumn.

Everland Red Flower Festival

There are plenty of experience programs and events that guests can participate in during the festival period.

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The ‘The Red’ Garden Tour program runs alongside plant experts on a walk through the Four Seasons Garden and the Rose Garden, as well as a fun story hidden in the fall flowers and indoor gardening know-how.

The program will be held from September 21 to 23 and 28 to 30 once a day, and you can apply in advance through the Everland homepage.

Everland Red Flower Festival

SNS certified shots are held in the background of the Four Seasons Garden. When the site photos are posted on Instagram together with the “Red Flower Festival” hashtag, the award will be presented to the Everland by the winner every week during the festival.

From the 16th to the 24th September on the weekend, presenting a photo shot at the Four Seasons Garden event booth will give out the present of ‘Flower Mask’ to 500 people which turns into a cute flower around the face, on a first-come-first-served basis.

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