Everland Snow Buster will open on the 15th December

Everland Snow Buster

Snow Buster in Everland, a popular playground for the winter season, consists of three snow sled courses including ‘Monch’ for infants, ‘Jungfrau’ for the whole family, the most thrilling ‘Eiger’ course is made up of three snow sledge courses. The ‘Jungfrau’ and ‘Eiger’ courses are scheduled to open sequentially starting from ‘Monch’ course on December 15th.

Snow Buster, which has become popular with outdoor activities that are enjoyable and exciting every winter, is the first in Korea to introduce four-seater snow sleds this year and introduces tube lifts and lanes to all courses to improve convenience and safety.

First, Snow Buster will be shown for the first time in Korea this winter with a four-seater sledge at the Eiger course, which has the longest slope of 200 meters in length among the three courses.

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Everland Snow Buster

The 4-seater sledge, which is 2 meters in diameter and weighs 30 kg, is a huge round tube and can hold up to four people at the same time, so it is enough for the whole family, including parents and children, to enjoy the snowy experience.

This four-seater sledge was designed to reflect the needs of parents who want to experience winter activities with their children in a preliminary customer survey and was first introduced into two of the five lane races in the Eiger course. For the remaining three lanes, one-seater snow sledding is available as before.

Everland has been applying tube lifts to the ‘Eiger’ and ‘Jungfrau’ courses, which can be moved to the top of the tube to eliminate the inconvenience of carrying a snow sledge. This year, upgraded convenience.

Snow Buster‘ is located in the Alpine Village area and is available to all Everland visitors at no additional charge.

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Earlier this year, Everland had thoroughly checked the status and braking distance of each course, with employees carrying out snow tours and conducting preliminary tests more than 100 times before the Snow Buster opened.

In addition, a non-slip mat to prevent slippage and a safety cushion to prevent collision are installed, and all the workers at Snow Buster have completed safety training before and after so that both men and women can enjoy the sledge safely.

Especially in all courses, a dedicated lane was installed on the snow jaws to prevent collision between snow sledge and to increase speed feeling.

The Snow Buster has a separate rest area with a heater and a bench, so you can relax in warmer clothes and warmth.

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