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Everland will hold the ‘Tulip Festival’ for 44 days from March 16

Everland will hold the 'Tulip Festival' for 44 days from March 16

Everland will hold the ‘Tulip Festival’ for 44 days from March 16 to April 28, with the start of spring.

At the Everland Tulip Festival, where you can meet fresh spring days first with flowers, not only tulips, but also one million spring flowers of 90 species, including daffodils and muskari, make the entire Everland splendid.

In particular, this year’s cultural experience content with the theme of “Meeting Flowers and Art,” and large-scale performances such as parades and fireworks are newly introduced in the spring season, giving the entire family a more enjoyable place to enjoy the spring together.

To celebrate the tulip festival, you can meet Mondrian, an abstract painter representing the Netherlands, a country of tulips, with a variety of theme gardens, art exhibitions, and Brick experience.

Everland will hold the 'Tulip Festival' for 44 days from March 16

Mondrian, the painter, has become famous in recent drama, with abstract paintings in a straight line with red, yellow, and blue, showing his paintings to increase concentration and help brain exercises.

The main stage of the festival, the Four Seasons Garden, is about 10,000 square meters and uses the primary colors of tulips such as red, yellow, and blue to create a theme garden that looks like a painting by Mondrian painted with tulip flowers.

In particular, the flower bed in front of the temple is three-tier high, and it has a long row of tulips of the same color, and there is a small trail between the tulips, making it feel like walking through a cool Dutch tulip field.

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In Four Seasons Garden, 20 rare tulip breeds such as “BlackParot,” which resembles parrot wings, and “Happy Family,” which reminds of a family with many flowers blooming in one stem, are also installed, and various sculptures of Mondrian Theme, such as Photo Wall, Bench, and Horse Balloon, are also installed, giving a picture of life.

Also, if you want to experience the painter Mondrian in a three-dimensional fashion, you can go to the Art Studio at the Amsterdam Restaurant next to Four Seasons or the other.

Everland will hold the 'Tulip Festival' for 44 days from March 16

Born in collaboration with Park Je-sung, a media artist at Seoul National University, the art studio offers a vivid experience of Mondrian’s art world through a variety of media art such as mirror tunnels, touchlights, and message walls.

In front of Safari World, “Brencia Zone” is newly created, allowing people to build blocks or take pictures and relax.

Brencia is a combination of brick-shaped blocks and “Querencia,” Spanish word which means a place where bullfights take a breath, was introduced as the trend Korea keyword in 2019, meaning space for modern people to recharge their bodies and minds.

In addition, Everland will work with the Netherlands, the country of tulips, to celebrate the tulip festival, and hold a special event from the end of March.

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At the event, Dutch Ambassador to Korea Lody Embrechts will visit Everland to give a lecture on tulips in person, and various tulip experience sessions, including Dutch traditional clothes and tulip flower arrangement classes and so on.

Along with the tulip festival, great performances to enjoy in the spring-scented outdoors have also been refreshed.

At Four Seasons Garden, some 20 character performers, including flower elves, honeybees, and caterpillars, will perform a waltz and have fun photo-time with guests, which will be held four to five times every day starting March 29.

In the performance “Fairy in Art,” the colorful flower-shaped costumes worn by the actors also go on at the same time as the magic of changing into other costumes in tune with the anti-war music.

Everland will hold the 'Tulip Festival' for 44 days from March 16

In addition, “Carnival Fantasy Parade,” a huge parade featuring passion for world-class carnival festivals such as Rio, Venice, and the Caribbean, will be held every day starting March 29. With its cute appearance, the popular “Lesser Panda” character has emerged at the Everland Zoo, and the costumes of parade performers have become more spectacular.

The multi-media fireworks show “Lenny’s Fantasy World,” which makes Everland’s night sky colorful, and the panda musical “The Adventures of Le Bao,” which has been enhanced by circus directors, will also be presented with a new look in the spring.

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