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If you are a fan of Ice Skating but don’t want to feel the freezing climate outside, this is a perfect place for you! Did you know that there is an Indoor Ice Skating Stadium in Jeonju? Yes, they have! It is located at Jeonju-si Wansan-gu Joonghwasan-dong. It is a great place for those who want to practice or just enjoy Ice Skating.

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Exciting Indoor Ice Skating Stadium at Jeonju, Korea!

First, once you arrived at the attraction, you will be paying 3,000 won for the entrance fee of the adults and 2,100 won for a child. Look at the machine below, it’s a great thing my sister knows how to pay here:

Exciting Indoor Ice Skating Stadium at Jeonju, Korea!

After that, we rented Ice Skating Shoes for only 2,000 won per person. And we have proceeded to the stadium.

Exciting Indoor Ice Skating Stadium at Jeonju, Korea!

I and my sister were shy about everybody else because we are not so great at this thing. But at least we’ve tried our best and go with the flow. We go round and round a lot of times until we perfectly balance and roll with others. It is a truly great experience for a tourist like us, a lesson I have learned every travel, we always must try the things we still didn’t experience, instead have a doubt at the end.

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