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Experience Everything in Korea

Life get’s boring when you start to do the same thing over and over again. We create our own lives, we are born with a huge canvas in front of us, paintbrushes, and a palette of paint in our hands.

We get to decide what to put on that canvas that’s why expected things happened but at times we do not know what we are going to put on it but what makes it special is we create unexpected fond memories out of that strange feeling of doing something new just like traveling in an unknown land.

For you what is the great investment you can get out of traveling? As for me, it’s an investment for yourself that no one can take it away from you.

Let me give you the opportunity to bring you into the hidden gem of this country known as the “Land of the Morning Calm”(Imagine you are in Korea).

Does anybody know something about this country aside from the country known for its “Kimchi” or “Hallyu wave”? Korea has the distinctive characteristic that makes it stand out among other Asian Tropical countries because unlike with the usual, One of these is, it has four seasons:

Winter (Dec-Feb), Spring (Mar-May), Summer (June-Aug) Autumn(Sept-Nov) that’s why it is considered as one of the most sought-after destinations in Asia. A lot of you might be asking me when is the best time to visit Korea? Literally, have no idea ?!

Experience Everything in Korea
Experience Everything in Korea – Jeonju Hanok Village

Each of these 4 seasons has its unique characteristics that make them differ from one another. So the answer to that question still depends according to what you wanted to do or experience during your trip. (Well, I’m sorry! 🙄 It doesn’t make sense asking me because I haven’t given you a sensible answer. haha!)

During winter you can make your own snowman/snowballs or would love to try skiing or snowboarding or some kind of adventure like hiking at Mt. Seorak. You can also find base camps nearby if you want to stay overnight.

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“Winter Camping” isn’t interesting? Or go on a hot spring /sauna / thermal spa to soak up, it will not only benefit your health but I’m pretty sure you’ll feel relaxed afterward (A great getaway to escape from the freaking cold temperature of Winter).

It is the best time of the year to visit if your agenda is snow-related activities. (stating the obvious makes me dumb. hoho!) But if you can’t stand the 0 degrees and sometimes the temperature falls down into negative degrees during winter, you might want to visit during Summer -beat the scorching summer heat!

Warning: Don’t be dumbfounded by the massive number of the crowd especially if you are visiting public places like Beaches or Parks because during summer people tend to entertain themselves by going on an outing or swimming on the beach, go biking in the park, or trip to theme parks to keep their positive state of mind and not to compete with the summer heat and be disgusted or lose their temper.

There are also festivals you can immerse yourself with during summer like Boryeong Mud Festival, which is one of Korea’s most popular festivals.

Boryeong Mud Festival
Experience Everything in Korea – Boryeong Mud Festival

A bit worried ?! You don’t have to worry because the mud used is nutrient-rich mud that has health benefits for the skin. So Go and try this exciting mud experience, it will be fun and I am pretty sure you’ll go for more!

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Experience Everything in Korea

Not into Winter or Summer? Perfect!!! Because what I am about to tell you is a season of Korea wherein cold weather and freezing temperatures of winter begin to subside as this season draws the months of March-May.

And what makes it more interesting about Spring is, it brings countless beautiful flowers into bloom that’s why during this season wide array of events are held in the different parts of Korea. This is a chance to spend time and create new fond memories with your loved ones with not having to worry about the weather.

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Nami Island Wedding
Experience Everything in Korea – Nami Island Wedding

And lastly Autumn, a close rival of Spring when it comes to being the most pleasant and best season of the year.

Why? Because just like the beauty of spring in bloom it offers a breathtaking view of stunning shades of vividly golden and orange to red autumn leaves under the clear blue sky. During this season it’s so refreshing to go on a walk or biking on a picturesque landscape view of the Autumn Trees.

Nami Island is a must place to visit all year round but since I am talking about autumn let’s give autumn the chance to make itself stand out among the 3 other seasons. HAHA 😆

If you are into K-dramas (a hopelessly devoted fan who dreamed of going on the same film drama spots of your idols, I feel you ! 😉 ) 

I know that you know this place just by seeing it in photos and as I have noticed, there are a lot of photos of the main cast all over the place, Obviously, “A tribute to Winter Sonata”. F

or some who didn’t get the chance to watch this tragic but beautiful love story of Min-hyeong and Yu jin, some of the scenes were filmed in Nami Island ( K-drama feels -.- I just lost a part of myself after watching that movie).

An Ultimate Experience in Korea
Experience Everything in Korea – My EX & Whys

It was also been featured in some of the scenes of this Blockbuster hit Filipino movie directed by Cathy-Garcia Molina “My Ex and Whys”.

Wanna know why it is chosen so many times to be a filming location not only for Korean Movies but other foreign movies? See it for yourself guys! Nami Island speaks for itself. It’s undeniably a perfect representation of what Korea is known to be which is “Land of the Morning Calm”.

Korea has more to offer you guys. It’s unquestionable that it is considered one of the most sought-after destinations in Asia.

Whether you want to go on an Adventure/Recreational/Culinary/Cultural/Pleasure/ Religious/Medical or Health/ Sports or Commune with nature, Korea got it all for you!

About the author

A filipina affiliated writer/self-proclaimed globetrotter who spend most of her time creating travel stories and dealing with her nomadic soul.

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