Filipino Fan Girls Spilled Their Reasons Why "BTS" Should Be Stanned! | HaB

Filipino Fan Girls Spilled Their Reasons Why “BTS” Should Be Stanned!

BTS is the most popular K-pop group in the Philippines, as well as around the globe. As a BTS fan, I had a survey thru Facebook group of BTS Fans in the Philippines, or the Filipino ARMY’s. Here are some reasons why they so much love BTS.

1. THEY ARE HANDSOME! By: Yasmien Adante 

  • BTS is the most famous K-pop group as of now, they are handsome. But that’s not what I like about them, their music is my happy pill, they are my inspiration, they must be far from me but I feel like they guide me. I am one of the thousands of armies that choose to fly with them.


Filipino Fan Girls Spilled Their Reasons Why "BTS" Should Be Stanned!

  • I used to like K-pop when I was younger (2ne1 era) then stopped and started listening to metal/punk/rock. Then one day, while listening to a YouTube playlist i casually heard Mic drop. The beat got me interested and I started watching their videos. I became a fan after seeing their talents, they have sick moves and the vocals are great. I really like the fact that kpop mix a lot of genre together. I really admire them, not only because of their skills but also because they are trying to spread positive messages such as the idea of accepting and loving yourself and accepting diversity.

3.  INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC! By: Mharich Dionela

Filipino Fan Girls Spilled Their Reasons Why "BTS" Should Be Stanned!

  • Hi! I’m 35 years old now. last year since I became an ARMY!! I am not a fan of Kpop before the same reason that I don’t understand them not until I heard and watch the music video of Blood sweat and tears and spring day of BTS though I still don’t understand there is something that my mind can’t understand my heart did. I search BTS to know who are they and what is their other songs. After so many searching and watching videos, I suddenly realize that this Boys is really a good choice… Their music has something that will relate you.. The lyrics are so touchy. The melody and their voice are so good.. So from that time, I decided to join the ARMY and give my best to support them and love them. BTS just continues doing inspirational music not only for the youth but all of us… Thank you!!
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Filipino Fan Girls Spilled Their Reasons Why "BTS" Should Be Stanned!

  • When I got curious about BTS I didn’t know that they were so big in the music industry, In the first place I didn’t really like him but It’s not that I hate them. I watch their funny moments everyday cause I feel I am happy while watching them. Then I decided to stan them. They are funny, humble, they inspire so many people, they are talented, they are honest, they love their fans so much, They work really hard to be successful without getting any help from others, and I really like about them is their music. they comfort so many people with their music and inspire many young people to not give up on their dreams.I know I made the right choice when I decided to stan them.
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5. LEGENDS BUT HUMBLE! By: Lhady Makulet

  • I don’t have any BTS merchant..I’m just one of those millions of their poor army….but still, I want to Stan and support them till the end why ?? because they “BTS” is a legendary…from nothing to a legend a group of boys that never fails their fans and that us army’s ..even though time comes that they became famous and well known in the whole world they never forget us and they still have their foot on the ground.

6. FANS-ORIENTEND! By: Jamila Mamasao

Filipino Fan Girls Spilled Their Reasons Why "BTS" Should Be Stanned!

  • The reason why I stanned BTS is they are just not my idol they are my savior to my depression there song saves me. I stanned them because they thought me to love myself They thought me to be myself they love us ARMY like there own we love them because they are not other idols who just saying there fan as Fan only they are idol who loving their Fan as there own.

(All the photos and statements above received permission to be posted from the fans)

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